Double The Trouble – The No-Win Scenario

My personal newsfeed recently has been addressing a lot about the good ol’ double standard. It’s interesting how people are now pressing this as an issue. Is this really a big deal?

I’m not belittling the fact there is a problem with our society and how people should act to each other. It is interesting how people come to the defence of a certain gender; in particular, the arguments that are pro-male or pro-female and anti-male or anti-female remarks. The way I see things, all sides have a good point which everyone is a causality of the debate. No matter how you can argue, you can’t escape the fact you represent one gender. Your opinions are your own and they are valid to some extent but doesn’t mean it is the correct or incorrect value. It would be similar to looking through a window in a house facing in each direction and deciding which vista is the most beautiful.

For now, the news places a male in a situation where he shot people of one gender because the other gender made him feel inferior. No matter how much spin you place, this is the bottom line with all the fact currently presented. The secondary effects being the online lashing against males objectifying females and subject of sexual entitlement. The results are standard, victims placing blame based on observation bias and those who use this opportunity to parody and attack others based on that very bias.

Regardless of gender, race, culture and religion; no one is entitled to own another person as property. Most Western societies have outlawed this, to a coin a phrase to feel you belong to someone is one thing but to demand it is another matter. In our society, my society, we place values set decades ago towards males. We place them as the bread winners and protectors. Feminism at it’s core also places these values towards women, which should be how it should be; in fairness and equality. Feminism at it’s purest is to allow women to be able to do everything equally to men, in theory at least. We done leaps and bound sin the last 60-70 years to bring forth equality and yet we haven’t stopped because we still have so much to achieve. In this modern era, no one should feel greater than someone else based on gender; but there is artifacts of what was and is the past. In the workplace as an average; women make less than men, men are likely hired for laborious physical tasks. At the same time the way we treat taboos also account for bias; example being the teacher-student relationship; how often do you seen a male teacher in a school compared to a female teacher? In most areas, it’s fairly common while others still have a higher ratio of female teachers.

From birth to death, we are discriminated whether we like it or not. We personally to accept them as compliments or insults. Those gestures gravitate towards what is acceptable and what is not to a group of people. This becomes our norms and taboos, our codes and creeds. Though they may slowly change with the times, those that don’t usually have themselves rooted somewhere in our society. I’m not anyone under the bus on this matter but there are a lot we still hold on to from our Western past which hold true to today.

What do you see on TV and over the internet? What do you hear from others around you? The medium to present a message is everywhere we go in out interconnected world. We should be wary of the people present them and question them and never accept it as a fact. Women should never be skinny to the point where they are “slim”, men are not suppose to look buff with “abs of steel”. Look beyond the superficial and you will discover the truth, there are forces beyond a person’s control to change but doesn’t mean you have to play by those rules and perceptions. As a group, we can change what is acceptable and what is not; we have the power, but we are stuck here pointing fingers at each other. Men blamed for being misogynist while we watch the newest fashions donned by young and impressionable women. There is no side to blame besides our own. We are the product, we are the end point in this cycle we call society. That man shot women because he objectified women; at the same wouldn’t a woman have the same capability to do the same because she objectified men? If the situation and role were reversed, would it received the same media coverage as it did or would “he deserved what he got”? No one deserves to be shot and no one deserved to be shot because they are who they are and cannot change. Whoever you are, you are a victim as am I to other’s control. When we feel inferior, we try to feel superior and when we do we cause a chain reaction where we hurt others to make ourselves to feel better. This is a no win scenario where no argument is the right argument, it is only an argument just because this situation has arisen where we address it as a problem.

However where there is no right or wrong, there is a compromise where no side necessarily gains. In this case, it is acknowledgement of our flaws and differences. Women, you are held in regards for your behaviours just as men are responsible to our own. In our society, we sexualize both to gain a capital profit and in the end the only victims are those who idolize this perception and consider it as beauty. Don’t put us in  the position where we consider those perceptions to be true or there will be those radical enough to consider them as fact. Men, you too are expected to be held accountable for your actions. Any perceptions of manhood held by our former patriarchy regardless of it’s antiquity has very little merit in modern society.

Until next time, you are and ambassador of your respective sexes; respect each other or both would be disrespected upon.


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