Blackberry Back In Action & Doing Some Small Things

Awhile back, I stopped using my Blackberry Playbook for whatever reason. Most likely my wi-fi settings were incorrect, recently I gave another crack at it. So look who’s back behind their 5 inch screen?

Though not much has changed, after so long the gestures are so intuitive that it was almost reflex memory. The WordPress app seems to be the same and the Android emulation is and always has been sketchy at best. So back to blogging on the Playbook while new bits of my Let’s Play series is uploading as we speak (I could be done by now and uploading a new set). I think the exciting part for me in the series is I can open up a point of view of how I play video games. Though it isn’t as immersive as actual play, gives you insight on how I play and what I get out of playing video games. It is the second series on my channel; first being Call Of Duty with the best audio job I could back then, I am giving it another go to learn some skill in it. Perhaps if people take interest, it might drive me to do a better job and start editting the whole thing. For the time being I am sticking to a simple format; uneditted 20 minutes of commentary of Banished to follow my town from ruin to riches.

I am thinking of doing a few things with my Twitter account besides broadcasting to the world about my newest video. I am thinking of doing bits of poetry in 140 characters or less. Fairly simple, I write down a verse and I put it with a hashtag. I think I’ll be doing it for the next week or so until I am at a loss for words. So feel free to bookmark my Twitter page or just add me if you have Twitter. Staying productive is tough without a job, I can see why some folks don’t want to retire.

That’s all for now, nothing thought provoking; maybe sometime this week. Until next week, this is @nawkcire on Twitter, nawkcire on Youtube and (Yes, you guessed it!) nawkcire at; have a good week everyone!

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