Steam is fuelling my problems

With only one more day until the release of Banished, I’ve found more games I want to play in the Steam store. Helpful as it is, it doesn’t help making me want to play those games. The games I’m being pulled towards? Banished because I want to play it on my revived YouTube channel. Recently I found Takedown: Red Sabre in the Steam store for under 2 dollars as a promotion. Though I think by now, the price has went back up so I’m disappointed. Recently I have this fascination for ship simulators, especially Artemis the spaceship bridge simulator. I could always wait for Pulsar: The Lost Colony and find a few other people to play.

On a positive note, I think I’ve done all I can for my recording set up. Banished is going to look amazing on low quality! From my last batch of recordings, I can push the quality to 720p but I would suffer a long upload time. In the interest of time and sanity, I decided to keep the video format to one long reel of 20 minutes long so my upload time would take a quarter of a day or less. Considering whatever I do would slow down my connection, it’s invaluable that I do other things until I feel I could do something worthwhile on YouTube. In many ways, I think the channel will be more of a video outlet and supplement to my blog. Talking about stuff and just my open dialogue to the world. Also give you a look at the games I like to play might encourage some people to give them a try as well.

Besides the technical work, I think I’m I need to find someone with talent in graphic design to do my channel art and icon. Not too worried about it at the moment, but I’m considering to make it part of my digital life.

Until next time, feel free to check out my channel and have a mellow Monday!


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