Thanks for telling I was thirsty, brain.

I had this really odd dream I thought it was worth sharing. Before I forget it, I best get to the dream.

It started in darkness and as quick as the deep black enveloped me, I felt warmth around my body. Then a quick flash of light, like a shimmering star. Then another and another; as I looked ahead, the light got closer. As it did, it grew around me and as quickly as it filled this space, I was entered a realm.

Hand gripping an overhead bar as faint lights zipped by in front of me. I noticed I was standing close to the front of a subway car; empty, lifeless as I felt it smoothly slowed into a station full of people. Peering out, everyone almost looked the same. The walls of the station decorated in shades of brown while the people who filled the car quickly were wearing brown; perhaps maroon. The car was quickly full; shoulder to shoulder with pale skinned folks going about their business. I saw a man with spectacles reading glasses reading his newspaper like a typewriter. I couldn’t make out the date or what was on the front page. Left was this woman wearing bright red lipstick, she smiled at me; almost reassuring. Brunette with a pair a faded blue pupils, no make up besides the lipstick. As I glimpsed her, I saw my shoulder and noticed I was wearing a dark blue shirt. I looked down to my feet I noticed it was a jumpsuit with black boots. On my left breast, it has something written and framed; like a nametag but I couldn’t make out what it said.

As the car travelled into the endless tunnel, I surveyed the space around me. A sea of brown and I noticed the decor matched the colour of the people’s clothes. Throughout this time, I remember feeling calm and relaxed. Even as I travelled up the car, people allowed me to slip past them. As the train slowed and stopped into another station, I looked out of its window and saw it was a similar station but this time there were armed guards in an open line formation. Gaps wide enough for one person to slip past them as they were armed with rifles; dressed fully in black, including the beret on their heads. Almost militaristic, right down to the tactical vests and equipment. As people filed out, I followed suit. As I did, I was swarmed by these guards and was forced to the ground face first.

Next thing I know I felt myself hyperventilating as feel my moist breath condense close to my face. My head was covered and I heard murmurs just beyond this cloth covering. As I realized my situation, I felt my hands tied behind my back as I sat on a wooden chair. I knew it was a wooden chair from the feel of the varnish and the cool warmth against my body. I was then forced to stand then march blindly. From the sound, it was a concrete hallway. Their boots marched in sync as their equipment attached to them bounced making metallic clinks and clunking against their clothes. Stopped at one point I was then forced to turn to one side, then a whirring sound close in front of me. I felt a cool breeze brush against me as the noise stops on a large thud. I felt a push of an elbow on my back, encouraging me to march further. Aside from the restraints on my arms and a hood over my head, I don’t think my legs were bound as well.

They forced me to stop and removed my hood. Next I saw beyond me was a silent sea of brown with stadium lights around me and concrete walls surround the place. At this moment I noticed why I’m here, it felt like an execution. So I struggled but they held me in place. One of the guards come right around with a pistol and aimed steadily to my head. As I braced myself, I closed my eyes. Then I heard it; the shots landing into flesh but I felt nothing. When I opened my eyes, I saw the guards collapse to the ground with blood pooling from their bodies. The crowd was still and quiet, not a gasp but only stares at me. Whoever fired off was on my side, I thought. So I grabbed the pistol from my would-be executioner and rifle from the dead and ran back into the corridor. I didn’t know how to escape but as I turned corners, I heard shouting and gunshots from down the hall. I saw these dark figures retreating as one falls. As they did I saw a glimpse of a blue figure as he turned to me and continued chasing the guards.

I wanted to wake up because everything is getting too intense. A botched execution, the guards, the blue jumpsuit figure. As I ran down this maze, I bumped into one of the guards and I drew my rifle. That moment felt like it was forever. As I did, he drew his and I fired as quickly as I could. Bang…bang…bang. All I saw was him falling to the ground as I ran passed him, I make sure he was dead since I wanted to get out. Every door I checked was locked; made of metal, I knew I wouldn’t be able to bash through it without one of the guards in the area discovering me and willing to finish the job. I came across these double doors and opened them. It was a darkly lit room, it was empty but I felt like I knew its purpose; an armoury. I saw bullets spilled on the ground, some of the tactical vests laid on chairs and tables as though they left in a hurry. There were even rifles and knives left over. I quickly collected what I need; a few magazines for my rifle, a vest to carry and dropped my pistol assuming it was dead weight with one full magazine. I strapped the vest over my blue jumpsuit and packed the rifle magazines into every pocket I can stuff them into and loaded a fresh magazine into my rifle. I looked out into the grey hallways, I could hear gun fire coming close; almost as though the fighting was coming right around the corner. I continued running, I kept bumping into one or two people and I just kept taking them down quickly.

I reached to a flight of stairs. I looked up then down. It was lit both ways but no echoes of distant footsteps. I had to choose a direction, so I went down in hope this place was more like a building than a bunker. As I went down, I found doors to each floor, either there were corpse laid on the floor or I could hear shouting and shooting. I kept moving on until I got tired of the stairs. I went into one of the floors and found more guards. Dispatching as quickly as I could, I kept moving until this hallway led me to an open area which looked more like a lobby, it was empty but with sandbags and ammunition scattered everywhere. On the other side of this oval shaped area was a set of turnstiles leading down. I went through and found myself on a subway platform with a deserted train. I went to what was presumably the front and saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I started to flick switches. As the gunfire grew close, echoing off the the lobby; I got out and jumped into the tracks and ran. At this point the guards caught up and started shooting at me and I could hear the bullets hit close to me. I kept turning around and firing a burst back and continued running for the light. As the light come closer and closer. The gunfire slowly ceased and I kept running until the exit. When I passed the tunnel’s threshold, I looked around and saw a grass fields in either side. As I looked up, I saw this grey monstrosity behind me with a blue clear sky with birds chirping. No shouting, not gunshots; just me catching my breath and the birds chirping close by and train tracks leading straight on.

I walked along the tracks for awhile and started to head off into grass. I don’t know how long I walked but it was pleasant compared to what I experienced in this dream. I came to this large cylindrical  tube that seemed to lead back to the grey featureless exterior and one end leading off to the distance. To the touch, it was cool and soft like a water balloon. I pulled out a knife and sliced a small hole and as water spurted out and began to drink from it. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was in the dream until this moment when the cool water was in my mouth. That’s when I woke up, thirsty I went to the fridge to pour myself a glass. When I sipped from it, it felt like the sips I took in the dream.

So apparently that was my brain telling me I was thirsty. Until next time, thanks brain for letting me know I’m thirsty.


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