Look everyone, I posted something on YouTube after so long. Seriously I have a lot to improve so probably some quick updates in the upcoming week. So without further ado, gamer me has something to say.

Game: Blacklight Retribution

Currently working on getting ride of the letterbox issue for Blacklight when recording, then just have to test it alongside with Insurgency, Star Trek Online then figure an upload schedule. Indeed, I’m taking what I learned in 4 years of blogging to this thing.

So far from uploading this clip, I learned a few things. First being quality is a bit off so I might have to adjust brightness. Uploading is really slow due to my connection. This 20 minute snippet was about an hour and a half to upload and process. Most importantly, re-renders lower the quality. I figured to save time to compress it a bit, but that lowered the quality. So I have to improve on quality. I’m not way too worried about high definition since those files would literally take a good chunk of the day to upload which I don’t really have time to put towards babysitting. I still have real life to tend to and I don’t think being a YouTube personality would be an overnight thing. For now, sticking to my main goal – keep busy!

Until the next test, get ready for a lot of time with Banished in 1 week, 4 days.

P.S. Fill out social media contacts on YouTube…maybe…


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