Trying new things…not in a dirty way (maybe)

The Steam store has finally gotten the hold on me. There are games at the moment there I want to play and explore; I just spent the rest of my previous Steam card funds on Insurgency. I decided on it on a two fold decision. First was the price, it was 10% off until the end of January so I would spend the entirety of the card. In hindsight, it could backfire wince another game is coming out and I’m absolutely pumped for it. I was attracted to the game for the co-op, I heard it was challenging. When I got the game it was challenging at first; even after a few runs in these maps, I must admit it feels very linear but the computer opponents would be it’s best to shoot back. At times, they’re ridiculous good shots or they are just a cut above the Stormtroopers. When the time is right, those bots are pretty good at keeping heads down or even just slowing down progress. Probably the best AI I’ve seen so far in an FPS, they’re not too smart and not too dumb.

Mentioning a game, I’ve always wanted to play a city building and management simulator. Ever since Simcity moved over to EA’s Origin client, there’s nothing I can find I can get from Steam – until recently when I heard about Banished. After seeing a bunch of pre-release let’s play videos on YouTube, I intensely want to play with it. With only two weeks and two days away from release day, there’s already a lot of videos out for the game. Watching the gameplay does not phase me to play it; I’m more interested in playing it considering it’s a sandbox and it seems like a well made game for one individual from what I hear. From the specs for the game, I think I should rekindle an old project on YouTube.

The last time I did a Let’s Play (technically called a walkthrough, for those who can’t find the noun) was Call of Duty Black Ops. If I can remember correctly, it was on easy too considering the difficulty is fairly steep between medium and hard. I guess it was a test of a format, thus why there’s only one on my channel and that’s all I uploaded. Perhaps when this game comes out, I will get back to doing a “let’s play” of Banished. I guess I should look into downloading the editing suite and recording software. I’ve been out of it so research might be scheduled. It would keep me busy and maybe gain some video editing and production skills, but keeping productive is probably something that sounds more encouraging while I find employment. Yay to being my own intern!

Aside from blogging, I can add making videos on YouTube to the list of things to keep me busy and close to video games. I have about a good couple weeks to get set up and get rolling or chicken out, so that’s something to look into so let me know if you guys want to see me play a sandbox city builder. Until next time, be brave and bold everyone!


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