The Little Things That Count Too!

Continuing from a post a wrote while on the Greyhound a few weeks back. This time, I finish up the short biographies for my Star Trek Online Bridge Officers. This instalment will tie up the standard Bridge Officers as well as the unique Bridge Officers I found in the episode series thus far. As well I’ve added a biography to my character as well. At the moment, I’m not sure if I will add more officers later on, when I do, I’ll share with you the biographies I will be adding to them.

Sindy Tawanna Vignaux

Majoring in Advanced Weapons Systems at Starfleet Academy, Sindy was the first pick from the Academy by Admiral McGrual to serve as a bridge Tactical Officer. During the Cardassian incident in 2409, she was reassigned aboard as a shuttle pilot. Not much happened until the Jem’hadar attacked DS9 where her services as a pilot was tested. The reports indicate, 700 reported kills in 21 dogfights. Notable distinguishing accolades from her commanding officer is the destruction of 4 Jem’hadar cruisers and a dreadnought.

Twelve of Twenty-Five

Out of the handful that have been liberated, Twelve was an Auxiliary System Adjunct of Unimatrix 074. Genetic profiling confirms he was one of the captured survivors of the Vega Colony attacks in 2409. Though most files are still redacted, all we know is he was a system technician prior to assimilation on Vega Colony. Engineering and Medical details the removal of his personal tactical systems and certain defensive capabilities. After debriefing and undergoing psycho-neural therapy, he enlisted as a Borg Advisor to Starfleet Command. Under the supervision of Romeo McGrual, his record indicates serveral instances where he might have attempted to contacted The Collective. On every occasion, Admiral McGrual reported “his humanity always reasserts himself, a struggle between what he knows and what he knows is right. Indeed a conflict I would never dare challenge.” After his ship was reassigned, he was promoted to serve as the bridge crew and as a Systems Analyst. On his off time, his crew reports he takes care of his 4 tribbles.


Found on a desolate world in the Gamma Quadrant, Irman’ika was near death and lacking the ketracel supplies to live. Fortunately he encountered a Romeo McGrual on a science expedition. According to the report, Irman’ika demanded “ketracel or face death from the Jem’Hadar”. Over time, he began to trust the McGrual’s crew through negotiating goods for survival equipment. Even more to offer his instincts to teach the crew strategies when encountering his brethren. His ambitions grew to the point where he helped the crew destroy Jem’hadar supply convoys and sabotaged outposts during the 2409 incursion. For his efforts, he was granted a Tactical Advisor field commission.


Prior to his defection from the Breen Confederacy, Kel was a scientist working on enhanced energy dampening technology. Though there weren’t any breakthroughs, it advanced the Breen’s energy dampening technology. He also assisted in the development of of a energy dampening tractor beam which was later scraped due to accidently killing his science team during it’s initial field test. After much scorn for the incident, Kel fled the Breen Confederacy and is currently assisting Starfleet with energy efficiency studies to enhance power to ship systems.


Regard as one of the most trusted officers under Obisek’s command, he is the intermediary ambassador. Prior to assisting Starfleet, Temerix was assigned to Vault in the Haakona System working on thalaron-powered subsystems under the Tal’Shiar. After the liberation of the Vault, his work focused on active thalaron dampening technology which has allowed ships to properly use this energy with little  exposure. After the Romulan Republic was founded, he took the opportunity to work with Starfleet to enhance some of their ship systems.

Romeo Jay McGrual

After the Borg incursion on Vega Colony, he was quickly field promoted. For his resolve, McGrual was granted a commission and began to negotiate peace with countless of species including the Cardassians, Romulans and Klingons. Due to the accumulated combat experience, he was accepted into a joint special task force – “Omega Force” working with Starfleet’s Military Assault Command Operations. After an extended military campaign against the Borg, he was reassigned to the diplomatic corps to assist with the newly founded Romulan Republic to settle in the Tau Dewa sector block. Suffice to say, Admiral McGrual has been around the galaxy.


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