Game Idea and Concept – Hacker ARG

Believe me when I say I’m part of a small minority of gamers that really want something better for their genre or franchise. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be invention, but be innovation. Opening boundaries from what I’ve seen must always be the next level to their games. Where one asks for more destruction, one gets collapsible buildings. One wants realism, one receives physics. Though not necessarily invention, innovation the franchise does open up new ideas and fresh views.I’ve jotted a few things down for a game I would like to see or would like existing games to have.

There is likely a small community out there with their drive for a hacker/text-based game that want to be dissolved into their own world of hackers. Why not have this go all out? I don’t mean have hackers roaming the internet playing mind games with actual websites. But what if it was played more like a ARG (Augmented Reality Game)?Consider it a network of networked computer on the internet to play mutual mind games with each other. In this “hackernet”, hackers (AKA Players) get to play in a part to change this cyberspace for themselves. They choose sides by hacking into fake sites to gain information to barter for new hacking programs (which are buffs/debuffs of a variety). While gathering certain information, you can also be vulnerable to attack from other hackers which can be countered by hacking back to other players. As incentive, the more information you can get; the more likely a player can hack you while at the same time, players can join in and try and help you hack while receiving a split of the bounty. As players progress in the game, they passively align themselves with game entities that provide them “programs” (much like equipment or skills) to specifically use as long as you are allied to them. Of course players can betray and rejoin these partnerships ranging from companies, AI hackers, institutions or random entities with ulterior motives. Along with this, players can also go rogue in terms of not being allied with anyone and creating their own groups which can help them hack information as well as used a social hub much like guilds in other games. However what I would like to see is a never ending storyline to the game as new content is introduced. Much like the actual internet, websites in this game will go up and down and reinvent themselves. This game should be a test of typing skill and speed, instead of visual acuity and game based knowledge. Mixing PvE and PvP with an opportunity to do either. The art should be an emulation to current cyber culture and trends, either to emulate or mock the visual look, security and accessibility. Gameplay should have the open-ended sandbox of a first person shooter; no levels, just the weapons you get and the player who’s in the hot seat. But wait, there’s more! Aside from being a PC game, it should have a mobile application that adds to accessibility to hack and let players the chance to PvP on the go and probably if tech allows it, play against local players to steal and trade.

Though I’m not quite sure of any game at the moment that has this or does this, but I however would like to play this game. Until next time, play more games!


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