And so it begins…

Alright as of this post, I’m travelling once again. Going back to Massachusetts to visit some people from my previous. However this time, I’m going to do something special and post some random stuff until I arrive at my destination. 

So here we go, first contribution is an ad lib and a story. Hope you enjoy it.

And so it begins the greatest journey of a man and his mighty duck. Armed with a satchel and a longbow, they roamed the trail into the lush woodlands. The sun over his shoulders, heroic with every step. Desolate the road which crossed terrains of rock and  a damp soil. Step upon step, waddle upon waddle; they survived midday upon an expanse of water.

“We’re not going to make it across it this. It’s looks too deep.” He said to himself.

“Quack.” The albino duck replied as it walked towards the water’s edge.

The man planted himself cross-legged and laid on the moist sand as he reached for his bag. Pulling out an apple, biting it as sweet juices dribbled down his scruff of a beard. Watching the duck paddle along the water’s edge and bobbing on the surface effortlessly. The world seemed to stopped for the very moment as sweat beaded down his tunic.

As the day went on, they continue on their trek on this very dirt path; duck trailing behind occasionally quacking as they strolled.  they reached to an open filled with rocks. “We should make some arrows.” The man said vigorously. He picked up one of these rocks and began feeling the texture of the smooth black stone. He assembled his materials near a small tree; flint, wood, leaves. Duck sat staring as he fletched.

As he to a break, he saw in the distance a figure approaching rapid, almost if it was travelling by a quick steed. He readied his bow, loading an arrow aimed for the encroaching figure. As it came into view, he began to see details in the figure. The horse and grey hooded figure as dust kicked up by the gallop. As the rider approached, he lowered his bow.  The horseman stopped just a few feet from his stance.

“Here, you forgot this.” The figure said as he reach into his cloak.

“Thank goodness, you brought it to-” Bang. A sharp pain pierced his chest as he collapse grasping his chest as he so desperate breathed.

The figure got off and walked across his view as he tried to keep away with blood pouring out through his hands. The figure picked up the duck and walked back; no words exchanged as he mounted his horse.

“Next time, don’t go stealing people’s ducks.” The figure said as he galloped away.


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