Back to Basics

At the moment, I’m coming back into Star Trek Online. After a month being away from the game, the first session back I noticed a lot of change and yet everything looks the same. After my birthday, I’ve been way too into trying to finish one of my presents; a non-fiction book. So right now, I’m working trying to finish said book and working on a personal project. On top of everything else, I’m planning to do some more travelling next month for Thanksgiving. Well for me, it’s not Thanksgiving; for me, just another day in my complicated life. If you count trying to get a job complicated.

Like last time when I went on a short vacation, I’ll be out for two weeks in November. One thing I despise about my trip last time was the 12 hour overnight bus ride to my destination. So I’m thinking on the ride there and back, I’ll spend the good 12 hours to write and blog. Possibly write as much as I can, however big problem would be how to upload my work. The last time I rode the Greyhound there, the wi-fi was really weak and would not be great at times. So to solve that, I think I would try and write an article between stops and upload it quickly to WordPress when I reach a stop.

In Star Trek Online, I’m surprised the fleet I was in didn’t kick me for being MIA for such a long time. Being back to the game is kind of hard especially with unfinished projects. With a handful of Zen credits and a cache or weapons and in-game currencies, I’m not quite sure where to pick up. Was I grinding dilithium for ships? Was I building towards more ships parts or was I trying to grab some fleet parts. Back and in business, so I’m planning on starting with completing reputation projects I haven’t yet finished. If I didn’t stop, I would be really close to finishing but now I have about a set and two thirds from the end of grinding reputation projects. Then season 8 will be coming out, which would likely result in me going back to doing reps. No doubt there will be fleet projects within the new content. I read through it all the new shinies from the content update and I’m quite interested of how there co-op MOBA-like ground combat will work. Along with it is a space adventure zone; like Nimbus III, but in space! Also I’ve decided to take a bit of responsibility to help a fellow fleet member work on building new ships. He or she says she hasn’t put much time in since the free-to-play launch. Whatever the motivations, I think I’ll put in some time and humble myself in helping others. We were all newbies once in our lives; in real life or in game.

Until next time, help yourselves by helping others.


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