Change of Heart

Probably every gamer has experience that moment when they aren’t focused on playing from their favoured franchise. Recently I’ve come to that position again where I want to play something different. The “something” that doesn’t have to new features, but just a change in scenery like taking for a walk after being inside for the longest time. Putting aside wanting Grand Theft Auto V on PC or other overly sensationalized product requiring an internet connection, I started to look into places I rarely go but so familiar.

For most of the week, I’ve been looking into the Greenlight projects from Steam as well as browsing IndieDB, ModDB’s sister site, for game that are not looking for a spotlight on the popular PC service. At the moment, I’ve played one and waiting on two.

Last night, I spent a few hours in “On Guards and Thieves”. A small isometric shooter and stealth deathmatch game where players must defend or steal objects randomly generated on the map. I found the gameplay not heavily repetitive, it does become annoying since most of the community I was playing with was from foreign countries. If the adage “lag kills” is true, then you can easily assume correctly I was slaughtered regardless if I was a thief or a guard. Though both sides has advantages, it felt really one sided especially when one team possesses firearms while the other has nothing more than the weakest firearm in the game or a knife. “Never bring a knife to a gunfight”, well at least they were kind to let you choose. Though it seems they have a lot of planned features, the second game mode is survivor vs zombies; now this is the most unbalanced thing I’ve seen yet. I understand it’s still being developed, but the zombie horde is essentially the thieves with a knife-only rule while survivors are guards. Aside from multiple items, zombies hunt down one objective. No extra health for zombies so going toe-to-toe with a man and his machine gun makes it really difficult even when you have to turn off lights and stay hidden. definitely a revisit from me when they have made some additions and rebalances.

One I’ve been eyeing since I heard of it, Pulsar: The Lost Colony is likely something I might actually get when it’s on Steam. Simply put, Pulsar is if Star Trek: Bridge Commander and Star Trek: Elite Force combined; from the dev logs I’ve seen, it’s third person ship view and first person ground but there are stations around the ship to control. The game is slated to a 5 player co-op with classes to suit certain mechanics in the game. On top of this with your crew, you are responsible for a ship which will take you across the galaxy to meet, trade, and explore. With the recent developer diary, there is a likely chance for ship customization and additional graphical changes. However it’s probably a tough sell up against Stonehearth.

Stonehealth a a bit of city management and RTS. From what I’ve seen from their official YouTube channel, you can create your own buildings and train units specifically for certain classes. From what I’ve seen, there is less focus on combat; though it could be a secret on what certain creatures you encounter in this Cubeworld-like game. A strong contender for me for the fact it involves building something and I have yet found a good city management game for myself. Post script; must be free or cheap on Steam. But either of these are the top games I want; they both appeal to me for either a co-op or city management while likely being no so costly in the pockets and light on the hard drive. Okay, maybe Pulsar might be a bit heavier due to graphics; but I still want to play it.

Until next time, my wish list is going to grow…and grow…and grow.


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