Just one of those days…

Sometimes when I look like I’m not doing much, I am in really deep and interesting thought. Usually in my head, I’m thinking of some really interesting ideas; more often, the random comment or statement you don’t want to verbally hear. But is it just me or do I get a lot of thinking done when there is a stimulating environment? I don’t mean “inside a lecture hall during a very long discussion of the universe” stimulating, but I’m referring to the Starbucks, the one loud library, or (in my case as I’m writing this) the McDonalds. Usually nothing really interesting comes up to mind, mostly just stuff about seeking employment or places I can only dream of working. But here’s an idea for you folks to consider.

For those readers who have stuck around, you know I  like to drop ideas on how we can change society in big way. Like underground cities and rethinking capitalism in dramatic ways, I think this one takes the cake. Whether you are in the US or in Canada (or any other country like us, I ain’t judging), you probably own a SIN or a Social Insurance Number. Its purpose is to grant you the opportunity to work and receive government benefits. Considering this put you on a system, why not make it reward for people who own their SIN? Of course you get societal benefits like welfare and work, but I’m talking about day-to-day. Sure money has been around since we phased out the whole “trade you wood for sheep” back in the day. Why not make it more fair and simple in terms of not necessarily paying taxes up front and paying for things of equal value based on the gain of wealth. My idea is simply tying the SIN system with a credit system. In lieu of cash or debit, this card would represent you as a consuming individual. The card takes your income and stores it much like a debit or credit card would; but rather than just putting money in, you can pay thing as a percentage to your income. Doesn’t sound advantageous but it allows for equal gain based on what you own in liquid assets. So lets say you want buy a cheeseburger for lets say $1, under the current system, you simply fork over $1 and the state tax of x percent. In this make believe all-in-my-head system, you pay a percentage of your income. So in stead of prices being listed in dollars, they’re listed in percentages. Then when you pay, you pay that percentage of your income for goods and services. So to one guy, a car can be $50, 000 while to another, it can be $20, 000. Yay or nay on this idea? I might be missing something to this but that’s the mindset I have. Mindset: random and “what did I just read?”

Being on and off employed this year, made me realize a few things. First being this city sucks for employment unless you have been working for the past 10 years and have a university education. Second point is the wage is way to low and there are people who are literally working themselves to death. Quite lastly, a high school education doesn’t carry a lot of weight anymore; nor does experience since each job is way specialized. Who knew being a security guard requires specialization? Who knew being a game tester requires knowledge in computer programming and software development? Who knew waste disposal requires engineering? Okay, I’m not quite sure about the last one but it’s that ridiculous. My advice to people reading this in a small town, get a job and settle in the small town. Two reasons, more money and more opportunities. So my action plan towards a stable and comfortable job is likely going to be trying to squeeze myself into jobs I can do but also be ambitious on jobs I have some experience. Sure, I’m a certifiable clerk; give me data and a method of input and I would do it for probably a negotiable wage. Just anything right now to get my life a kick start. Maybe later on, try my hand at YouTube; only time will tell.

Or I can risk what I have on playing Monopoly at McDonalds. It’s just one of those days, slow and pedantic. Until next time, have some cake!


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