Evil/Good Entropy – Opinion on Morality

Now here’s the thing about doing good and evil in my honest opinion. Whether it is you are caught in a bystander effect or you take the initiative to save a life, it doesn’t matter in the long run in terms of a psychological-sociological moral polarity towards good or evil. Which in my opinion would explain why there seems to be so much wrong when you need things to be right.

Entropy in simple terms is a law of nature which everything reaches towards disorder. Reaching the end would be reaching maximum entropy where everything is cancelled out and equal. Correct me if I;m wrong about it, but that’s how I wrap around it. How it applied to moral dualities makes it much more interesting.

To be good through my eyes mean the moral possibility of ignorant evil unto another entity. Simple example would be giving money out of kindness is good but you would be poor. Vice versa by doing evil results in good; too keep with the money, if you did not give money to an entity then you will have the money (good) and you would not help an entity (evil). However reality isn’t as simple as one degree. As you affect one entity, you cause a chain of good and evil choices which affects one entity to the next and even coming back to the original entity. The pondering point is the social effect of good and evil. As a technological industrious society in order to do good is to do evil unto other and the irony is that the evil returns and causes problems while evil does pass on evil but temporary good.

A good example of this would be our dependency on electronic device and connectivity. The prized factor is it connects us to other people across the world and creates social journalism and networking (ie. blogging) accessible to the masses. Downside to this consumption causes chaotic capitalism where manufacturers deliver every small innovation as an amazing step forward. Which results in cheaper electronics but more electronic waste. For this waste, we are consoled into recycling it to be put into newer electronics. However this “recycling” is resulting into components to be stripped and burned then precious metals and scraps sold back for pennies in a third world scrap yard with minimal or no safety concerns for those inhaling the fumes from the burning plastics or contracting of tetanus.The positive hopefully is helping that local economy through electronic means. Which takes us back to entropy; when does it balance out? When does good comes out of it in a society? From my opinion in a society, good is a group effort to do a lot of good even if it means suffering from the consequences.

Simply put, do good onto other while doing evil directly onto you. Then if all in society did such a thing, we would reach the duality’s maximum entropy.

Until next time…stay neutral?


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