Dorky-ness for the win? (Part 4)

Continuing with my pseudo-monthly series, random thoughts brought to you but none other than me. There, is that enough ego for this post or what? So far the last few weeks, I’ve dispensed a lot of ideas from my perspective as thinking points for your consideration. Perhaps they have been turned into some good conversation or some intriguing revelations.

As a thoughtful gamer, I always seem to come across some ideas that seems to be amazing for the game I’m playing at the very moment. Whether it is grinding or questing, the time does pass while thoughts do pop into my head. Especially recent in Star Trek Online when I was using a skill called Photonic Fleet. As a Science Officer, I’m given a pretty handy skill which allows me to generate three holographic ships which fires on nearby targets. When generating, there is a chance for the ships from frigate classes to move up to cruisers and at level cap allows a chances for cruisers to upgrade to battleships.  At the moment, the skill allows the science officer a force multiplier. However the drawbacks are that the ships generated are really weak even if you factor in the chance of having better ships generated. They don’t have the firepower to really hold up in combat. I usually encounter enemies at either 1:3 disadvantage or a 1:5. Though my Tactical Escort can hold up in combat, at times I do need assistance. Of course right now those players out there that say “Eric, use Nimbus Distress Call”. I do have it in my inventory, but it’s rarely used considering the cooldown is too damn high at times when I really need it. With it lasting 30 seconds, it seems more like a renewable consumable than force multiplier at times; goes the same for Photonic Fleet. Cryptic seems to be at the moment to be throwing in more items than renovating the current item system. With the new Legacy of Romulus expansion, they just added more reasons to grind for items you need to push the ships to the limit; however the ships are at the moment, at their limits. It would be ideal if all this grinding was utilized to its full potential and here’s the bombshell I want to drop; what about a skill to utilize ship you have available?

Probably most players in game either discharge their ships to free up space, some keep them on and collect them. For me, they’re as useful as a bank slot than a ship if I don’t need them which disuses the system of having ship slots. When I upgrade to a new ship, I usually cannibalize the last ship and leave nothing more than the hull of the ship unless I have to store some gear. What I propose is a skill that utilizes the ships in some form in a similar fashion to Photonic Fleet. Aside from the upgrading feature, what if the skill allowed you to spawn any 3 ships in that occupies in your ship slots. Maybe have a special fleet ability that allows online members the ability to spawn ships from their fleet member’s ship slots. It would allow players the opportunity to equip their ships and use them at the same time as they use their main. Exclusion to the random rules would be carriers and ships from the same class that has is generated. Former is obvious, hangar pets are really great force multipliers. The latter is more for the sake of putting in some variety into the skill. That’s the general idea, anyways.

I’ve played a fair share of zombie games. I never felt entirely satisfied with zombie survival games. They’re always focused on shooting and healing; never much of a survival component. When there is some aspect of survival put in, it seems to get more competitive; or so it seems. Either directly through PvP or through some sort of economy; examples being Dead Frontier and WarZ (I think they changed their title awhile ago…) What I’m getting at is there is no cooperative survival let alone Minecraft and the like without the competitive piece. I would like to see one zombie survival game done right. One with a heavy emphasis on cooperative play against computer controlled zombies and maybe survivors. Where in an open world sandbox, you have to scavenge and build a lot of things while preventing yourself from starving, getting sick or possibly become infected.

That’s all I got for now, keep on gaming!


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