Triple Play! (P.S. Happy belated Canada day)

Continuing with our three quarter month long discussion of diversionary ideas and concepts, here’s a few more to sink your brains. Probably if you were drinking on Canada Day, this will not help you with that hangover. Though it would be random if there was research on reading that can cure hangovers. “Here’s 50 Shades of Grey, call me in the morning.” Said no doctor ever! So yeah if you are Canadian, sit down and and enjoy your read on your day back at work (I am secretly envious). For my American readership, Fourth of July is coming soon; woop woop!

As the summer climaxes, you see a lot of people doing a lot of fun-under-the-sun type of things. Most of which are sports related like beach volleyball or baseball and recreational travelling like hiking and biking. Since I live near a lake year round, you start seeing more people living on their boats and yachts; even just sailing around the harbour. Which has gotten me thinking, most boats not are made up of industrial materials like metals and fiberglass. You rarely see someone owning a wooden boat unless it’s a rowboat or an antique ship from sailing’s yester century. It would in fact spruce up the harbour if people owned wooden schooners and yachts (I’m pretty punny). Probably make it handy for some people since space is limited so renting out a cabin would take you back, at least you don’t have to worry about scurvy and diseases like back in the day.

Speaking of housing, Toronto is pretty cramped for space. It’s not crowded geographically, but we seem to now have condos everywhere located around commercial centers especially main urban centers. So building skyward seems to be one option, what about building on water? At the moment, we have the technology to build large ships that can fit thousands for luxury cruises. Perhaps converting the idea to urban living. For the renting price of a downtown loft, you get to live on a boat with thousands of others with the same amenities as a condominium but with more fanciful features. If it’s allows to travel around the harbour you can technically have a changing scenery every day. If the boat doesn’t stop, then you have a water taxi to take you to and from your homestead. If the builders are environmentally friendly, then maybe put up some solar panels to power the boat? Also grow a community garden on board to reduce waste? Convert the personal fitness machines on the ship shelter to turn kinetic energy to electrical power? It would save on a community to this city, you get off a boat everyday and you’re just steps in the downtown area accessible to public transit and shopping.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to get back into GTA IV; but with my optical drive acting up I don’t think it will last. I realized while I was playing, there was never an equivalent to be a law abiding citizen. Like there was never the large open sandbox to let you be a police officer. It would be interesting if you were to play as a police officer with a variety of missions and tasks. Likely if there was a game like that, I would want to make sure that death would be taken as a permanent thing. I do like I respawn as a character but it would get pretty repetitive if I kept respawning as the same cop. Maybe in this fictional city cop simulator; you can name your character and when they die, they would be immortalized on a memorial with all the stats and entitlements. I’m not an officer but I am a gamer, so probably things in the game would be unlocked over time or through some way of “training” your character. Maybe start as a metre maid wielding a baton up to having body armour and high powered rifles? If it was graphically detailed as GTA IV or GTA V, it would make it intense and as close to a police simulator as SWAT. Though in my opinion, SWAT was a bit over the top.

So yesterday was Canada Day, I would like to share an quick observation about the North American tradition of lighting up the night sky. Between the second last week of May and first week of July, there are four fireworks events. Though about a month and a half apart, the events are paired on the same week with at least a weekend. For those trip planners who wants a double whammy in some boom-boom time, here’s how to pull it off. Look up whenever Victoria Day or Memorial Day is, it’s the good old Canadian statutory to celebrate a birth of an old monarch; in short – we have fireworks that day. So depending on which side of the border you’re on, make a friend on the opposite side or have money for a hotel room. Same with Canada Day and Independence Day, however the trip will be pretty short unless you’re Canadian which you can stay in the United States for a bit of tourism. For the price, it might be pretty cheap and you get two firework shows.

Just some food for thought for now, happy Independence Day for those celebrating it!


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