Weirdness For The Win!

Usually when you ask people if they are a conversationalist, they would answer a yes or no. If no, they’re pretty hypocritical since they’re conversing with you. I mean in terms of just making a random idea and letting it out. Seems like now in a world full of stages, it just seems either an idea comes pre-planned or it’s one of those ideas that would not turn out as well it would be. Unfortunately, this is going to be the latter – maybe.

For those long time readers, you know what happens to me when I’m in heat. I usually beat around the bush a bit then start pounding down my points until we’re all amused and satisfied. And yes, we’re doing it again until I run out of innuendo.

I’m still having trouble with unemployment. I’ve been stumbling around trying to get my butt into applying to some places. Usually it’s done online, but I like to put some feet to the pavement and try the old fashion way. Sometimes the old fashion way does get me thinking about a lot of things. I live in a large city; about three million or so people of all minorities. Everywhere I go downtown I see people of different socio-economic statuses; rich, not so rich and poor; have everything, have a bit and have nothing. Made me realize that the old aristocracy is coming back in a new way. Rather than having a few people on top, it’s just soulless global companies with their exploits dug into the fabric of society as it reaps everything it has for its survival. Which makes us all nothing more than the bottom feeders sucking the teats for our small share and competing for whatever’s left. I pondered this predicament to only conclude no matter how we change society, we will always have an aristocratic society where the wealthy will control everything and everyone else will have an illusion of control. Unless we somehow move to a non-wealth based society where we start to become a society of merit over material. Star Trek anyone?

For over a few millennia, we as a species have survived through a lot and owe our existence to technological progress. Every time we needed something, we seemed to manage to build something to overcome it. However looking back to the last century, we accomplished what our ancestors would have only dreamed just generations ago. Went to the moon, exploring Mars, even discovering the smallest parts of the universe; either physical or mental obstacles, we seem to overcome them. In our lifetime, we could be seeing something remarkable that would change how we see ourselves. If we learned anything from all our wars, our failures, our share of disasters; we can do something that would either mark us down in human history as great people or destroyers of our world. Everyday we spend using up the fuel we have, we pollute and contaminate the world around us. How far are we going to take this? The one thing I would like to see in my lifetime is beyond environmental change. Though ambitious and generic, I would like to see change. Change in terms of global maturity to fix the problems that have been set forth by our parents. I would definitely would like to see harmony between countries and factions of people. Natural unity to our world with sustainable ventures for power and food. Before I die, I would like to see mankind to step onto a new world and not plant a flag. Because I think good things could happen if we just took a little time and viewed the world in a wider perspective.

Idea for humanity, we send rocket ships to Mars. We can build underground caverns and grow food underground while have solar panels on the surface to provide power. We dismantle the ships for fuel and metals to create tools and shelters for our underground cities. Using our excrement, we fertilize all our crops with it and in time we can create a massive awesome underground colony of mole people. If we get lucky, we could terraform the planet in a few generations. Which in turn would allow us to send more people to Mars to live in said city caverns while the surface is used for solar and wind power until the ground is fertile. It would be like Minecraft hardcore mode but in real life and much more redder. Considering we did that to Australia, we could technically do it again; this time, no criminals and we use the jobless and homeless for this task. No crazies, we need some level headed thinkers to plan and build these cities.

Since plastic is non-biodegradable and it floats, why not make a boat out of it or a floating barge? Just clean them out and secure them tightly and build on top of them. There’s probably enough plastic around to build the Titanic but in plastic form. We shall call it the Plastanic and it will be unsinkable since it would just either be in pieces floating around or we have so much floating debris we can just patch up the holes. Like the Mars colony idea, we build these plastic boats with all the necessities to keep people alive and just let them sail around the world forever. At least send them in the middle of the Pacific and start a large manmade continent which I dub Plasterria. We already got a garbage patch going, we might as well look through it and see if we can build something out of it.

A lot of people say video games make people violent, my argument is simple. If I’m massacring people in a virtual world, therefore I am less likely to have the time and energy to do it in real life. Which in my opinion works well with people with highly stressful jobs where you want to just stick it to someone. Just buy Grand Theft Auto and run a few prostitutes over, doesn’t even have to be ladies of the night. Could be grannies trying to catch the train or just walk around the world and beat up random people like it’s your own fight club. By the time you killed everyone a few times over in a video game, you will either feel more relaxed or you realized you spent 5 hours playing a video game and it’s time to eat something because your stomach is growling. Actually, this might work in armed conflict as well. Rather than killing each other on the battlefield, just kill each other in Battlefield. Place the wager and fight until one side drops out. The side still standing wins the wager, war’s over and hopefully nobody dies when they get off their computer.

It is kind of ironic for the last decade I’ve been playing video games as a hobby, yet I can’t use that as experience on my résumé. I played a lot of games that require analytical skills and attention to detail. I even play tested a few which should count as quality assurance and data entry. For employers who have an aversion to hobbies counting for job experience, think again; you are rejecting some very valuable candidates who likely have more experience than you truly know. Someone who like to knit? “Candidate who is accurate and keen on details and patterns.” Own a blog? “Candidate who is insightful with potential editorial skills.” Masturbation; “Able to perform repetitive tasks for prolonged periods of time.” Okay, the last one might be a bad example but you get my point.

We live in a face paced society where we want fast results. I read an article where space junk is accumulating around the Earth that we are pretty much living in our own trash if not already. The solution is to put money into making a tractor beam then bring in an asteroid and collect it for us. Considering you need a large object to have a slight gravitational field, an asteroid around Earth would slowly collect the bits we leave up there. Then we can mine the asteroid or keep it there to collect more space junk. Alternative would be to use the tractor beam technology and try to flick each bit of debris until it’s heading back down to Earth or gets thrown out of orbit.

If we could somehow make a large container the size of the International Space Station out of nothing more than used plastics and trash, we could have our first recycled space ship/space station. Thinking of all the trash we throw out, we could build a lot of things with the trash. With some ingenuity we could be saving money on so many things. Like toys and fishing boats; we could build houses out of nothing more than bottles and mortar made out of pulverized bricks. We could take our food and solid wastes to be used as a fertilizer or a fuel.

Seriously, someone must be thinking of the same ideas. Until next time, keep on being a bit random!


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