Everything is new – AKA The Sink

As since from my previous post, I’ve joined a fleet in Star Trek Online. Once more, throwing myself into a clique that may not be right for me and could result in something little or nothing worth exploring. I have my reservations to online groups; I’m not anti-social, just had some bad experiences. Well, I just derailed this blog post in under a paragraph. Back to my current involvement with the fleet and its activities.

At the moment, the fleet seems fairly empty. I’ve been watching people log in in hopes of making contact. Either they can’t see the dedicated fleet chat or they can’t comprehend the English language. Either case, I d have found one other person I can chat with but way late in the evening. It’s not a bad thing, but the problem is I like sleep and sleep is fantastic. We’ve grouped up and played some of the fleet based PvE instances and event try our hand at the new shuttle instance from the recent expansion. At the moment out of the three of us, we feel the group is pretty empty and we should try to get some new members. At the moment, it’s seems like an invite only open door policy. So for now I guess I’ll treat the fleet like a resource sink and put in stuff I don’t need into it in hopes something good might come of it.

The past month or so, I’ve been stockpiling my dilithium until the exchange rate is a bit more fair. And the week, I gave in from just having a large pile of of this stuff. I converted at 114 per Zen points which returned with 2550 Zen to spend in the store. So I opened up the old text file to see what other stuff I should buy. I promised myself I will get the Gladius Escort for its Impulse Capacitance console (increases flight speed temporarily) so that’s 750 spent. With a congested inventory and bank, I decided to spend the rest of my Zen to future-proof my character for sample and loot collection. In hindsight, I should’ve spent 500 into a fleet module to get the variant of the Tactical Escort Retrofit. Maybe sometime in the future I will do that, right now adding to my current ship.

In recent days I’ve been experimenting with some new set ups. I’ve merged together an Omega Borg set with the old Borg set onto my shuttle. With a few trial runs completed in Atmosphere Assault, I know I have a bit more refining with the configuration to make my shuttle a bit more formidable against the new Elachi. Also with refitting my shuttle, I started to refit my Retrofit. At the moment, it’s suffering from a bit of performance issues since I had to remove most of it’s firepower for the shuttle. Loaded with my best Photon Torpedo Launchers, I still feel I can do better than Photon and Quantum torpedoes. If all goes well for the next two days, I can reclaim my Cutting Beam from my shuttle which would dramatically increase DPS. I’m also considering on getting the highest level Borg sets. I’m running the Mk XII MACO set for the shield capacity and Graviton Beam, the Borg set boosts the Cutting Beam. Aside from that, I might have to create another Assimilated Console to boost weapon damage and crit. Wouldn’t be a bad idea since it’s from the same set as the Cutting Beam so the pro to it would be additional stats. Anything to make dilithium farming quicker so I don’t have to be knocking around NPC’s.

To my untested Vesta, I have about completed gathering all the consoles I need. Though not at full capability since these are just scraps I’ve put together, I think I’ve built myself a good ship. Like with my Escort, I plan on fitting a Cutting Beam and Assimilated Console. I have a long way to go considering I need about four desire Phaser Relays as well. For the most part my shipyard is a drydock of untested, warp capable vessels. Hopefully once I get everything sorted out in the dilithium department, I can fit a few out to swap between.

Maybe sometime soon, I start up some ideas for events we can have as a fleet. I already have a few ideas in mind. I just have to put it in motion. Probably encourage the fleet to item farm a bit to get some gear for each other and maybe start some internal commerce through trading between us. Sounds like a half-baked idea, but every idea I have is somewhat baked. Baked goods are delicious! Probably I’ll start something so people can join. Taking leadership even thought I’m a new guy to the fleet.

Real life stuff – I spent literally 6 hours a day last week searching for a job. Ever since I graduated, still nothing. Hopefully something comes through so I can at least get to be busy or at least away from my keyboards. I like you all, but I need to survive. I doubt I can really monetize my blog; I don’t mix business and pleasure unless I know it’s a good mix. Also I’m cutting back on my food budget again, maybe some homemade meals will help me start thinking outside the game and maybe keep me learning to cook from experience. Some people told about the hot stove, some people get to touch and say “ouch, that’s a hot stove”. I’m one of those stove touchers.


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