On vacation…so this is going to be awkward….

Hey guys, I don’t really have much time to put much thought into putting together a blog post so this is going to be short and to the point. I’m not at home right now so I don’t hae the luxury to work on my 200th post. I’m inside some really foreign lands; by foreign I mean the country known as “Canada’s pants”. Aside from being State-side, I’m pretty much just trying to relax and forget about the problems I have at home. Just enjoying the moment, taking in the sights and sounds (and the delicious smells of American fast food).

My vacation started just last week on the Thursday. Taking the bus, I traveled about 8 hours south to Massachusetts. So I’m pretty much bumming out of my girlfriend’s place for the next week or so until I’ll be travelling with her a bit before I head back to Canada. So far my trip has been pretty different aside it being the first trip to the States ever. I’m pretty forgetful about holidays so I think I may of bitten off more than I can chew since yesterday was Mother’s Day. Spending it with 3 generations of maternal instinctive people is a bit too much especially one of them is my girlfriend’s mother. I met most of her family I think which made it slightly awkward but safe to say I kept my head down and played nice.

The most breathtaking part of my trip is the ride between New York and Massachusetts. Traversing the gullies and valleys carved by the ancient Appalachian Mountains reminded me of those scenes I’ve only heard about. With the Greyhound waving through fog for hours, it seems eerily ethereal yet magical as the morning sun rose through the mist. As I stepped out the bus station at my destination, it seemed as though I never left home. Yet familiar architecture, I knew I have arrived somewhere different and unknown. Travelling with her friend, we pass rows of houses and I realize some stereotypes that hold true. For the most part, a lot of households fly their American flag high and with pride – even decking out the porch with patriotic porch lights. Even in the stores, they would have an aisle for flags, banners and anything red, white and blue. Secondly, the prevalence of a fast food culture. Even in restaurants that seemed pretty middle class serve large gluttonous meals. I had some New England fish and chips from Applebee’s, and I must admit the slab of fish they served me was fairly large to the fish fair I’m use to in Toronto. I guess they like big money, big food and big women; haha!

The only thing remotely reminiscent from home is the bank here. Apparently my bank as a American office or division, I tried using my debit and it didn’t seem to work. I might have done something wrong but at least I know my debit isn’t that compatible here. Even if it was, I would probably have a large service fee charged to me back home. Oh and the trees here, reminds me of those summer days I would hike to and around High Park. the surround area of this town I’m in is very lush in trees. I haven’t been looking at the leaves, but it feels like I’m in the middle of no where even though I’m hours away from Boston.

This is all for now; until next time, I miss home. I miss my games…


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