Teasing Two Hundred

For some of you who has WordPress (well, mostly all of you) would know about the analytic tools on your Dashboard; for those who do not, I’ll let you in on it. WordPress has this Dashboard interface which allows you to see your blog by the numbers. Aside the graphs and graphics, you can also screen comments, create posts and edit the blog. This post will be mostly about my post count, which is at 193 as of this one. Which mean’s I’ve been at this for almost 200 posts and what it means to me.

I’ve been playing with the idea of celebrating the milestone with something special. Something more personal, something to open up to you guys a bit about me. So I’m getting that down which should be out about a month and a half from this post. Maybe closer…maybe. But I’m definitely working on the blog post at least once every day until it comes out. It’s going to be pretty long, but I think I’ll add a table of contents. Huh, guess I better dust off my old HTML skills and refresh my memory.

I do have real life priorities too, so I have to work on those; mostly just employment stuff and just be an adult. Adult stuff really sucks; no wait I take it back, society’s adult stuff sucks. It puts me away from blogging and writing. I might not be a professional, but I do love writing despite the poor grades I got in school over half a decade ago.

As a teaser for the post, here’s what I want my readers and subscribers do for it; yup, I’m making you work a bit. Well it’s not work, more like ask me questions. Put on you curiosity caps because I might want to answer some of them. Few rules though; keep it PG so no profanity, you can send me as many as you wish, and send it in by either by email (wordpressnawkcire@gmail.com) or put it down the comment section below.

Slow week as of yet; I have to find work or create something to keep me busy. Bring on the questions!


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