Star Trek Online is getting Warface’d…

At 98 refined dilithium per 75 Zen points, I’m pretty certain that I may get what I want after all. Of course after about three to four months of button clicking and trying to keep just enough ore to get it done. It’s safe to say I’ll have enough dilithium for the next week and a half with an output of about 937 Zen. Meaning with the 4100 already waiting will be just enough to get it done; well assuming the exchange rate is low enough for the next week and a half. Maybe finally after so many days of sitting around doing DOFF missions will finally pay off, the Vesta ship pack better be worth the last four months. For those readers just joining me and doing the math, that’s a month too long to get the Vesta pack! True, I had some computer problems so a month more just seems appropriate from my point of view.

This week, I received a very long awaited invitation to Warface; Crytek’s first attempt at the free-to-play market. At first it seemed to be very little to offer, understandable at closed beta. The PvE system like others I’ve seen are very linear despite what is advertised with ways to go around and outflank the enemy. But the interesting bit so far is the the daily missions which seem to change which maps are used. I’ll probably set aside some time to put a review on it, for now I got to try all they have to offer in terms of the PvE. No matter how bland and really repetitive as it may sound, killing AI enemies over and over again.

Like many times before, I’ve always had trouble with playing two games at once. Time investment into just one is extreme, even if it’s an hour or so for dilithium farming. I’ve been cutting back on playing video games, not diverting it. Still hopeful I can rid this habit and maybe devote more time into better endeavours, definitely real life stuff that must be done. I don’t want to play real life, real life is hard; like difficulty level “ridiculously un-fun”. I do like challenges but challenges I know that can be won, thus why I love playing games.

Away from video games, I’ve stumbled on a Facebook comment on an old classmate. I usually shrug it off since Facebook friends aren’t really friends. So apparently someone I know from high school has discovered herself on WordPress. “OMG Eric! u haz crush on gurl?” Ummm, I rather not say since I had a couple cruses on a lot of girls in high school; okay, maybe a bit too much information there. I don’t know every time I read about stuff I already know about, I just get ticked off since the world seems to be telling me something I already know. I wish I could find a word for that, there’s got to be a reverse dictionary for that.

That’s all for now until next week, take it easy folks!


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