We are back online! Back to blogging and laziness!

The last three weeks have been pretty tough considering the lack of the Internet. After just a few days of connection, I’ve been trying to fix a lot of problems. For one thing, sleep; another thing, find a job. The sleep thing for one is kind of difficult since my sleep cycle is equal to a teenager cramming exams last minute. I’ve been trying to keep awake for a full day so my cycle sets back to to night. For this week, it will be my mission to put my cycle back to around the 10 in the evening mark. Once the net was back into my own home, I pretty much got reacquainted with Star Trek Online. It was literally the first thing once I saw I had a connection. Sort that out for a few hours or so then moved onto updating and upgrading Avast! and completing the final bits of thing I forgot to do on my laptop. Felt a little sluggish at the start of the session since I mostly forgotten what I wanted to do and what to do. After a few rounds, I began to finish and catch up on my YouTube viewing list. Especially watching a 30 hour long playlist of someone playing Kerbal Space Program. As of this post, I’m about 10 away from completion. Hopefully it would give me some insight to how I am playing this game and what I can do to change up my own techniques. Of course a physics game has calculations I can pull from experienced players, but the best kind of fun is when you try then you look it up to compare where it went wrong. I guess that’s why I like Minecraft, you get to do so much but without a guide you can’t really accomplish everything. But you can try then when you give up, just look it up on a wiki page.

As of now, the library and Starbucks shenanigans are a close; but I might see the library some day and just look out on the street and think of the times I’ve been there alone and reading from my tablet and then my “new” laptop. With new hardware, comes new challenges. From last Sunday to now, I’ve been slowly clearing space off my desk to accommodate my (somewhat) portable device. I went though a lot of old paper receipts that have found their way on my table and wiped off the dust a bit. With all the cleaning of this quarter of the tabletop, it’s a tight fit with all the cables I still need to feed to it. I borrowed an old TrendNet router from an acquaintance from high school. So far it works very well since the cables going from my computers do connect properly to the router and from the router, it makes a good connection to the modem. Of course the router is wireless so I do have the capabilities of the B and G protocols. Downside, I think a fuse broke prior to the installation so I get a drop out with the router from time to time. It’s not a hassle with streaming video but when it comes to games, I will have a lot of lag when it attempts to reconnect or forces me to relog after a long time out. So far the drops outs take about 5-10 seconds to reconnect, I have nothing to complain since it’s the only way to get a free router. Maybe if lucky I will pick up an old DLink router; I’m afraid my luck has been expended with this miraculous find. Cheap router yeah, but free is another matter.

On the literary writing ownage front, I got two poems in on the weekend. They’re in my opinion are good and stylish with a lot of inspirational undertones. I might say it’s a bit eloquent but I’ll let the judges decide on the 31st. I tried emailing to them but I’m not quite sure if they received my message or just ignored it as spam or something. In which case, I am a bit suspicious but I will continue on in writing as much as I can and think good thoughts. If anything, if I do win the prize money would help my problems especially finding a job. For a month’s work, it would definitely be worth it for trying even for third place. I’m not greedy, just pretty much under-qualified in a world where academics defines “experience”; not necessarily bitter about it, just have to make do what I can to get by. Still, it could be an opportunity to jump from a literary loser to a professional poet. Thinking big, thinking positive.

Onto visual creativity, still looking for stickers to put on the back of my laptop on a budget of free with a theme of personality and dorky. Seriously I have to hide this messed up factory paint on the back. If Photobucket was responding, I would definitely post up some picture onto the post about the look of my salvaged laptop. It’s kind of neat. Kind of antiquated of about half a decade or less with a cracked cosmetic side along the exhaust port and scratched and beaten back. Did I mention the the F8 key? Oh right yeah, I think in the last week’s post. The F8 key works, just missing the button face. Otherwise the rubbery cushion and the input still works. I’ve replaced the power adapter but my acquaintance says I may have been scammed; though in my opinion when it comes to electronics, power input is important and should always be powered by the exact specifications by the manufacturer. Which would explain the loaned router just constantly resetting or dropping my connection to the modem since the power adapter is from another device which he “traded” for his snapped original power adapter. Suffice to say this set up with two computers side-by-side only cost me a power adapter and much luck.

Now I can run a full screen application while accessing mail and wiki pages without minimizing a screen. Hooray, it’s like Star Trek but with a lot of cables everywhere!


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