Week 2: DIY RPG

Week two, starting to assign a workflow so I can keep myself busy. Right now, job hnting is priority one. I need to devote a few hours a day to search and build. Saturaday and Sunday will be off days assigned to personal projects to keep myself away from Minecraft and The Sims.

In my mind, I am thinking about a few things. One of which is a game I’ve thought of that would be a neat shooter. However with the limited resources I have, I guess I can build a table top variant. There is another game too but due to my adeptitude, will likely never see to fruition. 1 out of 2 is not bad, at least with a free table top I can design it and share it. Too bad I can’t get paid to make it or work on it. For now, the project is top secret until I get a test going. Until then, I guess we will all have to wait (even me).

On the job hunt, I’m trying my best to make sure I stay positive. However all this rejection is putting on edge a bit. It’s been a long time since I got paid to do anything and the jobs I feel I would excel at are either above the experience I have or the employer’s expectations are too high. If there are employers out there reading this, here’s some advice and wisdom from someone younger than you and probably knows more than you think. The ocean like the world is vast, if you want to catch fish then you will need a bigger net. Don’t expect the perfect employee to step right up, perfection is unobtainable and unrealistic. As you funnel your candidates down and no one meets your expectations, then you are truly finding perfection.

I don’t have a higher degree of learning and I think the problem is every job I see requires a higher degree of learning. Understandably, there are jobs that would require experience or background to a field. From my point of view, a person’s worth is not limited to academic worth. I have experience with customer service, general labour, recruiting, data entry, management, computer support and troubleshooting, editing and writing. However nobody wants a nobody, they all want proof of actual employment. In which case, funnels people like me out. Then remove those with unnecessary qualifications out of the way. And lastly for those picky, a company assessment to be sure you are who you say you are. Just saying it is overkill and it’s a lot for very little gain. Of course I can go back to school, however without a full certification it is as moot as my experience in customer service. My philosphy in life and living is a bit more complicated than just going to school and get a job. Not really life if you have a sole purpose.

That is all this week, still sporatically without Internet but playing Minecraft. I started a new world, let me know in the comments if you want pictures.

Until next week!

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