Week one: Library time up by infinity percent!

For those waiting the weekly post here, you know I try and keep it consistent to about a week give or take two days. Well, not to disappoint; here’s this week from a undisclosed location in Toronto inside a library!

Ironic to be surrounded by books when the only feeling I have is boredom. With Playbook in hand and a comfy green seat overlooking Bloor Street West, I am humbled in the fact where I can have access to the Internet even when it is just to browse.

I miss playing Star Trek Online and my computer now sits inactive as I try and figure out what I should do with it. Without Internet, this job hunt is more tedious than getting up and looking through the job banks every day. It requires getting dressed and a trip to a local library. To be honest, I live in walking distance to almost everything (one hour tops) but with wet weather prep time is about triple.

Without a home line, I’ve noticed a lot from society as a whole. Transitioning to the internet has made us very dependent on cloud solutions and the means of a constant connection. A lot of PC games now rely on an active internet connection and sometimes is just a security feature of the game. We start relying on an infinitude of information stored across the globe with the promise of instant procurement. Without my box plugged in by 10 feet of CAT 5 cable, I am as I was 13 years ago – disconnected. Hopefully in time by classical means, I will find a job to pay for a new access to the Internet. Then in time (sooner the better), my games and I will be one again. Maybe get a larger hard drive too since it’s almost maxed out.

Aside from my intermediate internet problem, the bored is kind of tough to handle. For the most part, I have to fill my time with something more than blog and find a job. I’m trying my best to read in spirit of the library, but so far nothing has peaked and interest. Reading without interest is like school, why do it if the endgame is non-existent? I want to read because I would be entertained not because I’m coerced into it. That’s the same reason, I avoid reading clubs and writing essays on books. Reading material aside, no better time to get outside. The snow subsided a bit and almost time for spring, so walking outside is back on. Though today is a bit wet and muddy, still a lot to do in a city. There is bound to be free stuff to be had, right?

Here’s the start of week two!

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