Disconnected, again

Update: As of the post date, I don’t have home internet for 2 days. Bumming wi-fi FTW!

A bit of a snag this week. I’ve lost my home connection to the internet. With that, involuntary sobriety until I get it back. Though it may sound simple enough, my situation is a bit complex.

For the time being, I really can’t put a date or time of when I will have the internet back. For now, indeterminate sounds better than “I hope I get it back”. However this harks back to a time when I did put myself where I avoided the internet just for a few weeks.

I really did miss a lot considering it is my news source, my boob tube, my educational tool and I’m ashamed to admit, my friend. Anthropomorphic allusions aside, I am alone now; without the digital world to really bind me. Maybe I can get stuff done like find a job or write more. Wait, I still need the internet for both. Well dang it, I can’t catch a break.

Like before when I started the 21 day project from 3 years ago, I already miss a few things about the internet. Yesterday, I forgot to log into Star Trek Online to cash in some dilithium. I still have halfway to go in terms of the dilithium I need to exchange for a ship pack. Also before this inconvenience, I recalculated the amount I need. So whenever I get back to it, I need to farm an additional 1000 Zen points of dilithium. Which is from my mind, is about half to 3/4 of a month’s worth of dilithium. Also I arranged a deal with someone on my friends list about lockboxes, I still have to give him the boxes I’ve looted.

When the internet went down, I found a very long playlist on YouTube of someone playing Kerbal Space Program. I really want to see what happens to his space shuttle project. I spent some time looking at the game online, it’s a nice game. I’ll give a short review later on, but for now best to say at least I’m pretty good when it comes to sending unmanned stuff into space. I’ve seen this guy build some crazy contraptions that worked out pretty well and some that are classical in design. So far the craziest thing I’ve got orbiting in game is 3 satellites and probably a few dozen failed experiments. At least it’s singleplayer so I don’t have to on the web to play it.

One big thing I’m going to miss online is Wikipedia and wikis in general. They contain a lot of information about particular subject matter and sometimes I love to just go through some to help get ideas or solve problems. Like STOWiki, I use that site so much that I can pretty much do nothing on there besides compare ships and bridge officers. Also Wikipedia has a nice selection of images of food, just in case I need to feel hungry. Just when I was starting to turn Wikipedia to a game…

For now, my blog is not going to stop.

Still going to aim to post once a week minimum. Going to do my best to keep it different for every post. Kind of like trail mix, but with delicious and salty words. Damn it, I want beef jerky now.


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