Best. Insult/Comment. Ever.

We all have some sort of internal lingo we use between friends, family or coworkers. Some formed from logical memes taken between conversations while some were thrown out there that caught on. I make them up from time to time just to insult others and when they try and find the meaning, it would not really make sense to them unless put into some kind of context. Yeah, pretty genius; though I doubt I would win a Pulitzer, nor a best piece of work since Donald Trump’s toupé.

On the internet, slang is pretty much a compulsory course within discourse. Either derived from text speak or game speak, we all have used it once over the internet. Though many don’t go full mainstream into English vernacular, a few are misused and butchered to be thrown out there. I’ve heard the following used IRL: lol, brb, wtf, omg (usually used by women…a lot), u mad, and (the most recent) yolo. But what I have to share would be by far the best one I got from the internet. Not because I made it up but it is so simple, anyone who has played violent video games would know this one.

I made this one up a few months ago when I was trying to search for a job. As I read through the prerequisites, I noticed a lot of patterns to emerge. Most entry level positions are for the most part not entry level, in gamer terms entry level is newbie. Two years of experience is not newbie, university/college education is nooby but mow newbie. Then my popped in a good idea, “damn gibs!” First discourse was the origin behind it, “All of them are gibs. They’re nothing more but bits of flesh that conform to the fabric of society like a gib to a game mechanic.” Then my eyes slowly opened widely, a rare feat by an Asian guy (badum tss).

That day on when I hear someone complaining about a job they’re well overqualified in, my reaction is “they’re a gib”. However this doesn’t reflect on the negative. It could be a metaphor of a person’s personal skill overshadowing their professional aptitude; like they have a a PhD in physics but they’re main strength is in playing music on paper cups. They’re a gib because they seem to excel at something people would find ordinary, like exploding body parts in a video game.

Think about it…


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