The Laid Back How-To On Blogging

Recently I had the opportunity to read some first posts on some people just joining WordPress. Some pretty talented and some are getting there in terms of spelling and/or grammar. For all those getting on board, I like to drop a hello and welcome. For one thing and this might be personal, I never get the warmest of warm greetings and usually when I need encouragement, I never get it or discouragement if it is something I might regret. From all the ideas you can get to put yourself on the Internet, if you have that literary prowess then blogging is good medium to let loose. Usually these days it’s as easy as setting up an account.

If you signed up for WordPress or any other blogging sites, there should be a few things you should do when you sign up. Main thing I stress if it is about owning up to your creativity, check the license agreement. Sometimes (okay, most of the time…) the site owner would legally own your work and would have every right to sell it or use it out of context. If you already agreed to something like that, just be careful about you say or put down. It’s kind of a vice of the internet, freedom yet censorship due to capitalists. Though that is my opinion, but if there is one user license agreement you should read on the web is the one that will affect you creatively. 

Now you are done scrolling about, typing in a username and password, naming your blog. With my WordPress account (may affect other services), you can name your blog differently to the user name. Handy to keep people away from hacking the account. Okay, with that settled we can move on to the content, all the stuff you want to write about. 

In my humble opinion, stick to stuff you want to write about. If you are fashionista, write about fashion. If you like video game, stick to video games. If you like to mouth off; opinions! When I was kid in school, I was forced to write journals. It sucked because the teacher would dictate what I should write and as a kid fearing authority, profanity was kind of and issue since I wanted to mouth off about the problems I have but afraid I would get suspended for it. I still censor myself, but only to reach out to a wider audience than just adults. But that doesn’t mean I don’t write down the profanity, I usually provide some warning about it before the body of my long winded posts. Brings us to point #2, length. I would be lying if there was no limit because there is! It’s one paragraph of any length of words and characters or a image of something you want to share. For best results in terms of text, try and keep away from text speak; like u no, tht kind of talk u use 2 txt ur bffs n stuff? Spelling and grammar so people know exactly what you’re talking about rather giving them a possibility. In short, be concise. 

Now some services do provide some way to let you to share and expose your work to the community. For WordPress, we have tags that let us use keywords as topics we addressed in the post. I recommend that this part to be short and to the point. Minimize spam by having a topic in mind when you write it. Well, not at first; in time, some of my posts go from just a rant to a rant about video games. Keep the tags and keywords relevant to the post. Meaning if your talking about video games, stay away from using food tags unless you mention food somewhere that someone would find interesting. Of course you can go all out with the tags, but usually you would be fishing in the wrong pond with that move. 

If you are anything like me, you will have situation where you don’t have an idea or your idea is written but you kind of don’t want to post after sobering up to the fact it gets a bit weird. Well to the first, ideas come and go. Try and give yourself to think of something to write about, just anything that comes to mind. Even an idea for a silly contraption that does something, that’s an idea worth sharing. The weirdness is fine at times, but before you publish this piece of work you have down; be sure to ask yourself, “Do I really want people to see this?” If it is a no, then don’t do it. Best choice is to save it somewhere and make revisions if you want to post it. 

As a secretive blogger for 3 years, I found these points pretty handy to hone into something you want to write about. In the last year, I wrote more than I did in high school. It’s only because I have no deadline for blog posts and no prefabricated topic. Essentially, winging it as I write it. Though I do remain consistent to about a post every 7 days or within that period. That ways people subscribed would have a bit of something to read when they’re on the toilet, catching the bus, or sitting at home eating alone which I don’t do. It’s meant to be light reading, not a scientific journal about theoretical physics. Not very thought provoking, but enough to give people something to consider or get their mind off something. 

At first it might be tough to not really have people reading, but everyone starts from somewhere. After awhile, people will see it and you would see your view count and subscribers increase. All you have to do is be yourself.

That’s all for now. Those Ontarians like me, have an amazing long weekend. See you all next time!


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