Open Letter To Society (16+)

Dear Society,

What is your problem?! You think you are righteous, in reality you are as fallible and fragile as the people made you. Don’t believe me? Memory lane…now!

VHS before I was born was what many people called the end of television since people were pirating TV shows. Reality, it was expensive to buy a $40 set than to blank for less than 20. Then the whole media was like “Dat Eff Bee Aye logo” and trying to instill fear from pirating. Fast forward to the start of DSL internet age where you can download a week’s worth of movies for only about 40 bucks. I’m not going to tell you how because as a poor person with a blog, I am going to need entertainment or I am going to go all “The Shining” right up in your face. Now you are doing it again, you’re problem is not pirates but your prices. $60 on games and $12 for a movie ticket, your price is too damn high! You can try and be the good guy and let us enjoy life or the butt hurt you are and rob us blind. Who’s the thief now?

Homos and those folk, yeah I’m pissed so you better sit down and pipe down your squeal hole. You use to be so nice to these folk then just out of no where you go telling them they can’t marry and stuff. You are doing your best to fix it now, but damn you got lucky no one spat in your face or burned you to death. I have always like everyone of every gender minority; gays, lesbians, transexuals and hermaphrodites. As a good non-religious member of your organization, I am damn more tolerant than you. I blame individuals, not groups.

Speaking of groups, gun violence and video games. Settle in and pay attention because both things are only related because you make it so. I play video games, the more violent the better. They include guns, knives, explosions and the occasional prostitute on a car hood. Does it make me physically violent? Nope, if anything it makes me calm since I can just vent it to a game rather than walking into an office tomorrow with 5 firearms blasting every noob in there. Does it make me think violently? Nope, if anything you make me think violently considering what kinds of crap you say makes me want to hunt you down with an assault rifle.   Video games let me do a lot of things I wouldn’t have done in real life and have unlocked some potential I would never have found. For example if we ever pass by, I am a kind person.  Super kind, the kindness involves holding doors and help others when I can. And the guns, guns are not the bogeyman in this problem we have. Guns are inanimate, equitable to the caveman’s stick or rock. The moment any of those three are in the hands of man, sky’s the freaking limit. You can cook, cut, stop, coerce, rob, and kill with any of those. The gun is not judgemental unlike you, society. It does not think, it just does what it does. Don’t blame it because you can’t control yourself. For every person, that person likely has seen thousands of people per day. Gun control? More like we need people dangerous, they’re so dangerous that they corrupt and destroy you every waking moment. You should ban people or have a people registry service to make sure people are stored safely and not use for anything dangerous.

You think I am done?! You taint, sit back down. I am talking so your standards mean jack crap now. Your standards, why do you have to change it? You always want someone better or perfect. News flash, people aren’t perfect so stop raising the bar until we can’t even live with you. When I was kid, I was told high school can do a lot for me. So you lied to me a decade after, only to try and suck money for this thing you call post secondary. I have seen those people that come out of post secondary and let me say the course on brainwashing is doing wonders since you have all these people jumping through hoops. Seriously there are a lot of smart people out there that can apply themselves but closing the gate on them because of their academic intelligence is as shallow as that guy going for sex and not substance. Give them a chance and they will surprise you how well put they are in terms of fitting into jobs other people would fine dull and would resort to gun violence to end the suffering. Now out of high school and I have nothing because you sure know how to destroy dreams. I use to aspire to help you, now I aspire to help those who can’t help themselves. 

Society, you should QYB and face facts. You just suck because you suck at doing anything right. Better to help than it is to lead, so maybe try helping more?




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