Decommissioning Some Old Friends

Well, it’s been coming and it’s a bitter sweet to really plan for it. It has to be done for the new ships that will be coming in and the new officers I will need to help command them. Still, to only think I was going to keep them and my ship just about a year ago.

When I started playing Star Trek Online, I only used two of the three ships at the time. My Nova class Science Vessel and Intrepid class Long Range Science Vessel. Back then before I really began farming dilithium, I had the three to help me get things done. The Light Cruiser got me my Nova and my Nova I played right up to the end of the storyline prior to The 2800 Series. Then there was the Minerva (NCC-64259), built with one purpose in mind. It was originally designed to be mostly a light support ship with strong defences to provide fire support. Yes, she did fullfilled it her job well until I got the retrofit version. Ever since she was relieved of duty about 5 months ago, she’s been sitting the drydock trying to assign her to a task. But as more ships roll out with more capabilities, it was inevitable she would be decommissioned. 

Along with the ship I will have to dismiss two bridge officers that also have been with me since the start. Jhren is probably the most fielded Engineer I have on my roster that was trained to repair shields and hold the line in ground combat. Sero; she’s a damn good bridge officer, with the abilities to hold back the enemy in space. At the moment, I can’t spare the resource to keep them with me and I do need better Bridge Officers for the new ships I will be receiving. 

This week, I managed to trade for a Tholian Recluse and I’ve been adding on the gear I’ve accumulated for it. I’ve given it a quick test flight and it seems very durable in PvE. The trade comes in just in time since in about 2 weeks, I might get a hangar pet from the Romulan reputation stream. 

Bigger news comes with the Ambassador class ships coming on Thursday. I’m intrigue and interested so I may want to check it out and definitely keeping the ship. From past experience, the ship in the anniversary event usually ends up as part of the fleet advancement system. That’s where my Odyssey is and where my future Ambassador may end up. For weapons and gear? Where one journey ends, another begins. The Minerva is being decommissioned just in time to transfer the consoles and weapons to the Ambassador. No, I didn’t plan it. I wanted to very sure that I don’t need a dilithium ship and that decision has been thought over since I got my Long Range Science Retrofit. 

As for my two bridge officers, they’re being replaced for a Very Rare Science Officer and Engineering Officer since the passive bonus are higher based on rarity. When I will dismiss them will depend on when I will find a suitable replacement. For now they’re on the chopping blog. Awhile back I had an idea of a MACO ground team. I still want that team, just going to take awhile to find some good tactical officers. At the moment, I have my Photonic Tactical Officer on the list but I still need 3 more bridge officers with some good offensives on the ground and a mix skill set for space since they will be reserve tactical officers for any ships wherever I may need them.

It’s going to be a long 5 months ahead in STO for me. My “To get list”:

-Vesta ship pack (value: 5000 Zen)

-Bridge officer packs x 3 (250 each)

-Costume Slot (250)

Grand total: 6000 Zen

Doesn’t help with the Dilithium prices going back up into the 90’s. Well, until next week; happy hump day all!


3 thoughts on “Decommissioning Some Old Friends

  1. Can’t you save the customization on your bridge officers? Then you can just take the upgraded (very rare) versions and load the customization onto them with the name of the old one…and it will be like they never left!

    Not sure I can bring myself to buy the Vesta…one, its an ugly bugger, no matter how you slice it, and two, it feels like cheating with how powerful it is. I like utility, but that feels less like utility and more like “easy button.”

    1. Thanks for commenting, HarbingerZero!

      The boffs can be train but you can’t “upgrade” to a rarer version. You can however train rarer skills to common boffs. However if you get deeper into the game, rarer boffs do provide a more powerful passive race traits than the less rarer officers. Usually just easier to just upgrade to the next one rarer one considering there are doff missions to provide boffs usually can yield a blue or purple boff (chances based on the rarity of the doff, of course).

      In my opinion the Vesta pack aside from the next up to making all ships weaker, is amazing compared to the other vessels in it’s tier. It’s not too slow, not quite fast. The ship’s boff slots are designed to be more utilitarian making more universal in terms of the skills you can place on. The consoles in the set does provide you a ship specific boost like the Odyssey class. Like the Odyssey, the consoles were meant the ship to be play more offensively than the Odyssey where the Odyssey was more of a movable mini-starbase of sorts. Meaning the Vesta should be more like a ship to AoE heal and charge the enemy at the same time.

      At the moment, I’ve seen very few players to really master switching between being a combat cruiser and a hospital ship. But it does indeed suppose to be the ultimate to the two play styles. As you play you will find there are many easy buttons hidden around, mostly they will be ships and their boffs.

      1. Oh I’ve seen some of the easy buttons in action – like that little bug ship with all purple mark XII’s on it that people have ground out. Or the Lotus on the 1k day vet reward.

        For officers, by “upgrade” I meant the passive bonus. To be clearer, if I have an old hand blue human engineering officer and wanted a purple one, I can save the outfit/face/body customization, decom them, then commission the new one, and give them the same look and same name. As far as the game is concerned, its a new boff – but from your point of view – its the same guy or gal you’ve always had, just with better stats.

        I’ve done that once or twice for RP purposes.

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