Staring off into space thinking about stuff…

No doubt most of use have those genius moments where we figure out something on our own or put a different spin on a traditional thought. The human mind is a powerful organic machine that could possibly (for the most part) out compete a computer. The last few weeks with the flu going everywhere and been stuck in bed most of the time, I’ve thought up some of the most random and interesting things that really kept me sane while nursing myself back to health. Probably there isn’t much value to. These ideas, but ideas are worth sharing. So here we go, one paragraph ideas starting now!

I’ve seen stuff about mycelium to decompose bodies. Wouldn’t be possible to use fungus for most of our decomposing needs? Breed special varieties to eat away toxic waste or remove just about any kind of waste. It would reduce the time it takes to decompose stuff in landfills and some varieties of fungus are edible. Wouldn’t mind chomping on mushrooms, I do like them on pizza.

If NASA is sending people to Mars, it would likely be a one way trip unless they’re seriously carrying everything with them there and back. I think it would more suitable for the crew going there to have their food grown hydroponically. So no need to really send supplies, though clothing and equipment do wear out. Wait a second, grow everything they can on board. We do have the ability to turn biomatter into fuel energy. Probably on a long stay, the only problem would be the oxygen and equipment. NASA sends that while they do all the growing and exploring. While were on the subject, we have 8 billion people, wouldn’t it be possible to send a bunch of people to colonize it? We don’t really need to explore it any further, we’ve sending probes since the 90’s and we have collected a bunch of information. I’m just saying if we’re serious about stepping foot on an interplanetary neighbour, we should actually do it.

This one is kind of morbid, but bear with it. I know genocide is wrong; but if it was out of medical research with a chance of death, would it be wrong then? Considering how many people are poor or barely scraping by and the situation we have of overpopulating the world. Would it be right to just volunteer to find cures or enhance life at the risk of your own. If you consider it, it is somewhat noble by the fact which you risk yourself to save thousands. There is a government funded ad I watched it said an organ can save 8 lives. Well, you go into medical research as a lab rat and pretty much risk having complications to save at least one thousand. Between medical research and organ donation to save lives, medical research sounds good if it pays well. However the problem with society is I think we have an ethical code where we cannot use live humans for medical research. Somewhat unfortunate, but I think there should be exceptions. 8 billions lives on Earth and counting, we could do a lot with a handful of volunteers.

Another way we can solve the land crowding is to just use it all to gather food and energy. Yeah, every single acre of land we use now was just solar panels, windmills, water dams and farmland. Where will we humans live? Of course deep underground. We will keep to large underground cities of stone and concrete. All fueled and heated by waste we produce from ourselves and the stuff we don’t consume. We just have to find a way to pinch as much energy as we can without mining for the fuel. Of course besides from this, the surface would be dotted with landscapes of vast fields for cattle, tall forests of windmills and deserts of solar panels providing infinite amount of power from the natural elements as well as produce all the food we need. Downside would be to convince millions in a city to live underground. You got me there, society.

Speaking of technology and harnessing energy, the body produces head through muscles contracting when you shiver. I know our nanotech is not as near as I’m about to suggest, but it would be an interesting idea. On the topic of energy, why not implant biomechanical generators in limbs. As you walk or move your arms, it pumps the generators to produce a small amount of energy. Incentivizing the people who exercise by produce this energy that can be transferred to a battery. I don’t know much about the current state. Of our nanotech, but this idea could also turn into a form a currency where everyone has the equal opportunity get fit then sell this energy for money. Perhaps use the batteries themselves as the currency; an energy credit if you will.

Well these are the few ideas I’ve thought up. If you want to share your outlandish ideas like me, post it on you blog or leave a comment, I would love to read it. That’s all for now, until next time!


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