Video games and me (Sounds like a pamphlet I once read…)

Of course my blog, I usually vent and release negative energy and stuff to the internet to get things off my chest. Most part just a therapeutic attempt to quit stressing out like crazy, which by the way kind of works. Sometimes serious and sometimes, I just want to get a dumb idea off my chest for the world to read it or understand it. Like that idea where you think a Star Trek pizzeria would work because people can order a “Galaxy class starship with extra disruptor damage and a box of tribbles”, one of many good bad ideas.

Speaking of good bad ideas, the meat of the matter. Most of you who read my old posts or follow (thanks you very much by the way), I have a problem. I’ve been trying to stop, but video games are way too damn fun. Every time I get on my computer at home, I just want to do something or play something that would just take me out of my life until I fall asleep. I spend a lot of time even though I try and phase out or push away from video games. Over the last 6 months, I’ve tried to get away from it and do other stuff. In time, I’m hopeful for being all less game-y.

I spend about 4-6 to plays video games which is very little compared to me being all super sad and the only way to get away from the sadness, I had to sit here for about 10 hours per day online killing, driving, questing something. For those who never had an addiction and want to know, well you have dropped in on the right post. I’m going to teach you (yes…you there!) how to become an addict. And I just noticed how wrong that sounds, but people should really know how bad life is and how society is and most of all how horrible the world is when you are screwed and want to escape.

So step one, go outside. This is optional, just anywhere the public will be like Amazon, Ebay or Facebook. Just anywhere you can see something, do something or become someone. So get a job, get a girlfriend or boyfriend depending on sexual attraction, eat, shop. Just anything. Now we establish this, step deux (two if you’re not French…I’m not French, but I know a bit of French).

Now you have gone outside, pick something you like. This is anything, seriously anything you like or want to do in terms of you love doing now. This is where we will be different in terms of activities. People smoke, people run around to make piles of money to roll around in it or people drink. Start this now, whatever it is. People who said masturbation or chose masturbation as a pleasurable endeavour for this exercise, you will find this will be pretty painful or you will feel super tired. Which case to the people who chose masturbation, you may want to pick something else or stay with it and receive any and all consequences.

Third step is the fun bit, keep doing the one thing as much as you. Even if you think you can’t pull it off, do it. Just go ahead and do it. If you think it, do it. Pretty much less than a paragraph to really explain it. For the most part, there aren’t any rules since fun is just fun. Ignore anyone and anything to do this one activity. Maybe take breaks for pee and food. No matter how had you have to write that exam, nope [insert activity here] is more important. It makes you happy and exams sucks a lot. Unless you want to try being a workaholic, which case why are you reading this? You have work to do.

And now that you’ve been all three, keep at it until you start realizing how you’re life is slowly running into ruin. In which case, keep going with your activity because the activity is better than life and do it more because you can always do it more. Even it turns out it becomes very boring, nope it’s still fun so keep going! Congratulations, you’re an addict.

I can hardly describe specifically how it feels in terms for having a game addiction but like that. It’s hard to get away from it because I’m just fighting that part of my mind that wants to be more dominate than the part where it should be regulating these wants and needs. It is a hard task but in time, I can binge and go cold turkey but it will take much more time to really get out of and all I have to do is find something to get me out of my room and my house and anything that would put me away from the activity. It’s either that or get a job revolving around it which is impossible because of certain mental complications.

Next time…ADHD…maybe…


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