People ain’t right–The “Wow…just wow” Factor

For people on the outside world, Torontonians aren’t polite. On average, we’re mild mannered. Then from that average, it’s about how you appear that will determine first contact. Even from me, I’ve visited a few places outside Toronto and I can safely say overall everyone’s nice; just have to get them on a pretty damn good day. But whoever aggravated this woman who this post is dedicated to and everyone who’s like this woman, should deserve a “Most Infectious Troll” trophy. Just to not to put down any descriptions (also don’t know who she is), lets call her “Mrs. Po” (Po for Pissed Off, does not reflect on her skin colour, beliefs or cultural background).

Anyways, I haven’t grasped sleep properly recently. The last few weeks, I have been pretty much sleeping either 1 PM, 1 AM, 5 AM, or 5 PM. So I haven’t gotten much done besides eat and pay some dues. So just last Friday (not this Friday but the Friday before last Friday.), I was stirring around 2 am playing Minecraft. I totally lost track of time, ever since I got up around 4 PM I pretty much brushed, grabbed a snack, and laying down a smack down on zombies in abandoned mineshafts. All this going on, I voice in my head is going off like “hey, feed me.” Most of the time I’ve ignored it since I’ve been eating more than I really should. I wouldn’t say the weight of a chicken per meal, but yeah the weight of a chicken every time I want food. I look at my clock, 9:30. Okay, it’s single player so I can save and leave to get pizza. But since I’ve been playing MMO’s for so long, I feel the need to find a safe place before I leave. So it took me about a good hour to focus on getting back to my little stone fortress by the river while along the way, battling mobs and discovering new tunnels full of wood and resource. There was wooden blocks in the tunnels so I felt the necessary need to pick them up because where I am in the game is not the best place to find a tree (I’m kind of trying to aim to be environmentally friendly in that game, though I burn through coal every time I want to chop up some meat). So by the time I got back and put all my iron and gold ore into the furnace and sow away all the loot I picked up along the way, I checked the time; Saturday 12 AM. Okay, what can I eat at this hour? Few options come to mind. I can go to Sobeys for junk food, ice cream, maybe some goodies close to expiry (hey, 50% off is a good motivator for expiring food). I live close to Koreatown, so some place are open at the time. I’m not a bar person so Clinton’s is out of the question, but the Korean place across from the bar is open. Not really in the mood for K-Town munchies like spicy rice or spicy pork bone soup. Tim Horton’s is 24/7, so I could get a coffee, tea or box of timbits. Last place around here that’s open that late, Pizza Pizza. Pizza there is pretty weird (fast food chains is weird, take a lot at a real burger and McD’s), I don’t know why but pizza at 2 AM sounds like a good plan. Oh yeah, took me about 2 hours to make that decision.

Now dressed and walking into the place, I took a quick look around. Busy as usual, some people getting out of bars just down the street wanting food or just people staying in doing something and in need of a quick meal like me. Line up, order, “it will be about 20 minutes buddy”. Yeah, the guy there called me buddy. Which is kind of embarrassing that I walk in there more often than I should for pizza to the point where they call me “buddy”. As usually I go with my order, cheapest deal for a large pizza and a slice and drink to wait. So munch munch munch, drink drink drink. As I did so, a lot more people coming in wanting large pizzas so my order will likely be taking a bit longer. I got nowhere to go at the moment, revved on a pepperoni slice and pop I can hold out until the pizza is done. So pizza’s are rolling in and out of the store, none of them are mine so I’m there to about 2:45. I didn’t bring a watch or my phone so I kept guessing I was going to get my pizza around 3. So last order from the batch of customers is Mrs. Po’s pizza, wedges and chicken.

First off, she seemed pretty calm. Like probably this guy’s going to make this pretty fast because I was here first and my pizza’s still on hold. When her wedges came out of the fryer, that’s when the shenanigans happened. The taters where basking under the heating lame and she starts to ask question. “They’re going to be cold.” When the cashier placed them in the box and on top of the warm oven, that’s when she starting flipping her lid. She pretty much used every excuse that could get you free food if you do it right. “They’re going to get cold in that box”, “my pizza’s going to be warmer than my wedges”, “can’t you put those wedges back into the fryer?”. Seriously ma’am? it’s (likely) 3 am and you’re going to complain about wedges? These fine people have been up probably over 12 hours, I know the driver has been on shift for about 12 so I can assume these people around the same time. And from a chain business, the food isn’t worth complaining. It’s food, delicious and all that but it’s not like you complain there and all the stores would change their attitudes. Back to Mrs. Po, she starts going off how she won’t take this insanity of cold wedges. If you guys where there, you would notice much fail in her actions. Example #1, fried food takes awhile to cool. Example #2, hot fried food can bring pain in the mouth.  Example #3, if you don’t shut up and take that food I’ll clock you (or at least intervene by trolling her, I was tired so I didn’t want to do any of those). Then she just gives up, “I don’t want them any more”. What?! Are you serious? The dude made you wedges and you just reject it? Well she already paid so they guy didn’t care. As a man of principle, that is food. In our world, food is scarce in terms of we can’t feed everyone on this pale blue dot. And here is Mrs. Po tossing away food she paid for and made this guy work to get for her. Seriously, about 10 minutes of complaining over 5 minutes of work and about 40 seconds in the microwave or 5 minutes in a hot pan or oven. If I was her, I would’ve just shut up and take it. Those are pretty nasty fried taters, but take those taters and eat them while you waddle back if you’re afraid they’re going to get cold.

I dislike those people who pretty much reject food for not being the food that’s meant to be a certain way. I know there are picky eaters and I admit I am one, but I would never reject food if it’s not the same temperature or cooked the same way. There is a difference between fried dumpling and steamed, but if I only have 6 dollars for a 5 dollar plate; I’ll have to think carefully on either (unless I can get both). I’m not really a goat or lamb person either, but if it’s kind of a forced decision then I’ll take it and maybe try and enjoy it as much as I can. After eating lamb and goat cooked by my parents as a kid, I’m more of a beef, chicken and pork kind of person. Back to Mrs. Po, she really had it in for the wedges that I tried to size up her behaviour. My guess is she’s about in her early 30’s, it’s 3 am and probably got out of a bar since she’s kind of in a pissy mood or probably on some mood modifying drugs before arriving to this place. I tried to find any way to dismiss her childish behaviour over a box of wedges, I tried. I’m still boggled why people would throw a fit over food. In my life, I don’t flip out over food. I take a bite; I don’t like it, tough love because I bought it and therefore I will finish it. At times when I’m eating with people I know, I’m usually the one taking the stuff they won’t eat off them and eat them myself. Hey, free food so win for me. 

Before I could ask if I could take those wedges off the guy, I got my pizza. I went my jolly way home and started playing some Minecraft while stuffing my face. On closer inspection, the pizza’s not perfect. It’s got charred bits of dough, pepperoni wasn’t that even and the pizza was more of an elongated oval than a round pie. Didn’t care, a pizza is a pizza regardless of the shape and size. Out of everything in my life, it’s the least I’m concerned about in terms of how it is. As long as it tastes like food and is food, give me food! But damn it woman, Mrs Po should’ve shut her trap considering a lot of kids and adults at that moment are starving because they can’t afford food. Honestly, they wouldn’t care as much as I do and she shouldn’t be too. You got a right to complain about it, but insulting how food comes out is another thing. You can’t control how nature turns things to one way or another. You can’t complain your way to have infinitely hot wedges, nature and physics would not allow such a thing to happen. In fact if it was hot forever, I think you would complain more about the pain from a scalded tongue than have them under luke warm. If I worked there and it was my last day, I would have just trolled that one woman about her side order and gave her “hot” wedges. Anyways, I’m glad I didn’t stay because she probably complain about small wings.

Anyone have an experience like this? Feel free to share it in a comment or put a link from this post on yours, I would definitely want to compare experiences. Anyways, I’m out for now; I still have to check out that tunnel. Have a stupendous Sunday, everyone!


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