Cathode Ray to YouTube…And other stuff

This week was pretty sunny and pretty boring, I have nothing really do is do push ups and watch YouTube. Of course occasionally logging in daily to Star Trek Online to pop the “Refine Dilithium” button.

Currently at around 1700 Zen/credits (whichever you want to call it), I’m just under a week and a half to getting my DS9 Bundle. The first time, I bought something with the Lobi Crystals I’ve had since they came out. With only 130 crystals, I got a sword and a book totalling 80 crystals for the purchase. I’m somewhat hesitant on getting more crystals. You have to get them through lockboxes. For those not familiar with the system, you buy one item to open another you get from picking up loot. So in STO, you pick up a lockbox which you need a Master Key to open it. Currently there is a 15% off sale on keys and a bundle of keys. Even at under 10 for 1000 or 1 for just over 100 credits, it’s still a heavy set back by 2 or 3 days of dilithium. I’m more determined than Cryptic is on making a sale. So I resort in checking prices on the Exchange for keys; as usual, demand increases price. Even at over 2 million energy credits, I still have a lot of farming for the in game money to roll out just 1 key. Rather save it so I can get the hard to get stuff, like a Tuffli freighter (not really worth it but the DOFF missions might help) or a Recluse carrier (wouldn’t mind having an awesome looking ship as a fighter carrier). For now, DS9 Bundle and then I shall see what else I can collect. 

Though the refining bit is instant, I still have about 17 hours to waste. So I’ve been jumping on and off playing Black Mesa and No More Room in Hell, both Half Life 2 modification. Black Mesa takes the original Half Life game in the Source engine. Well, most of it. From the die-hard players, they’re missing the last level; the Xen world level. Whether they add that in later or not, I finished it in under 6 hours and with most of the achievements included. It’s pretty great that they did their best to get it close to the original which makes me somewhat happy to have the Orange Box. 5+ games for the price of 2, which in the long run makes it a pretty freaking excellent price. No More Room in Hell is an arcade style zombie co-op. You play in groups of 8 to either escape or survive the zombies. With limited amount of ammo and weapons, it’s a team effort to get weapons squared away or the team will suffer greatly later on. Really put the phrase “make every shot count” to its extreme, you are lucky to find a weapon you can really use; even luckier to find a firearm that has ammo along the way. However with very few maps to play around and I’ve only seen 3 community built maps. I’m hoping there will be more in the near future.

Still, 12 more hours to go after blazing through 3 games. More push-ups pass the time, but my arms can only go as far as I can go until my arms just give out. With more than than I can really observe, might as well use the internet and watch some TV shows. Which I found pretty easy to do thanks to YouTube. Mostly sticking to Discovery Channel stuff like How it’s Made (or something like that). Learning one useless fact after another and just less YouTube lead me to other videos. From how bread is made to magnets once I realize I spent a good 5 hours just clicking and watching. Of course TEDTalks are back since the start of the month, but very little good material to watch as of now. Perhaps in time I should spend some time hopping around the site. Not much interesting there since it’s just people talking about an idea or a concern with a solution. I like to watch one of those from time to time, but it’s just kind of monotonous after awhile and boring; almost forgot about boring.

But yeah, slow week…to blog or anything. Or I need a more interesting life.


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