Happy Obvious Week?!

This week was pretty weird that now I’m calling the second week of September “Obvious Week”. So I hope you people had a seriously “Obvious Week”. Honestly, the way to start this week’s post is somewhat difficult. For one thing, I’m confused to be offended or affirmative to people’s looks.

Monday, not so bad a day to head downtown and check out electronics. I’m not going to name the store, if I was the service rep I would’ve done the same once or twice. But on with the tale. So I walk in, as always I don’t buy anything. My computer works, no need for upgrades or additions. As part of the the customer service thing, they should be asking you something along the lines of “Is there something you need help with?”. Well this guy/girl did ask me, but read on. So looking around I go; peripherals, cooling fans, internals and so forth. As a few minutes passed, blonde girl walks in. This may or may not affect you, but when a girl walks into the place, my mind just deletes itself like CCleaner. Though I’m not buying anything, I usually note down the prices of things in case my computer dies and I need to replace parts. So chick walks in and I blank out, everything I’ve forgotten for the last few minutes just gone. So I’m standing there thinking “now I got to get back to the peripherals and start all over.” So I do just that, ironically that same girl standing there looking around. So this time, I go through everything I would need at a slower pace. The rep walks up to me and passes and goes for the girl first, “Hi, looking for something?” She says nothing. The rep comes back the same way he came walking passed then turns to me, “Need anything?” I say the same. He/she walks off and I turn back to the girl to get a second look. Somewhere in my mind, I went “I see what you did there, you bastard.” Side by side, she looks way amazing in a dress and jacket. I’m not superficial, but the dude walked passed me twice before he ask me if I need any help. Just kind of bad customer service, I’ll go back there since the parts are cheap but now I know I’m so ugly that I could pass off as a computer mouse.

Wednesday, out and about. I had no where to really go, I wanted to just go somewhere and just be outside pretty much. So went for a walk and decides to grab a snack. Found a small pizza place and sat down with a slice. All is well, except the part where I sat by the window and watched people walk by. People looking at me seemed like they were offended I was eating there. I wasn’t chewing with my mouth open or anything, but everyone had the same look too. Odd that many people passed by with that look too. You know that look when you pass by something you don’t want to step on or touch, yeah that was the one they were giving through a pane of glass while I’m eating a pizza.

Thursday, got on the subway. When passengers were getting on, there is this woman. She works at an office most definitely because of how she was dressed, in this business casual looking suit. But there was a seat beside me, I’m just minding my business reading a book I got on loan. So I look up a bit to see her looking for a seat. Beside me is an empty seat, it’s been empty since I got on there. So she’s looking around and totally turns away and walks to the far end of the train and sits down. Talk about avoiding people who are uglier than you regularly see. After that I just stayed home for the rest of the week, my shaved head is just attracting way too much attention.

So about this book is about ADHD and ways to cope with it. After the first pass through the book, I think this book alone explains a lot about my behaviour in the last decade and even further back. I’m almost convinced considering I have some of the symptoms and it explains why I’ve been pretty depressed for most of my life. Crap, I totally forgot to mention the name of the book. It’s called “ADHD Stole My Car Keys”, it’s a pretty good book. Fourth book I’ve read for the year which is way more books I’ve read in school, kind of ironic I read more for pleasure than for work and this book explains why (see what I did there? Eh? Eh?). According to this book, people with ADHD have a whole lot of benefits and drawbacks. It would explain why I like and dislike certain things, like work and sitting still (even this blog). It’s definitely one book I’m going to spend the next few months taking notes on to gain some insight on myself. I’m starting to be more accepting with my problems rather than trying to chase it out of my life. Well, I still want it out since the disadvantages are kind of sucky. Of course disadvantages of anything is sucky, but I’m talking really sucky where everything in the world is against you. Think of that one ability/weapon in every game that nobody wants to have and you have it and you can’t get rid of it traditionally, like you drop it and you get the same crappy ability/weapon. “Well I can switch weapons/abilities?” Nope, you can switch to it but it’s still there wasting space. Wait, how did this paragraph go to video games? This book is pretty good, it’s kind of hard to really push through it since it’s a pretty thick book in my opinion for a self-help. With my attention span, I pushed through to the first half  and the middle was really difficult to swallow. I had to rest page after page. After a bit of that, I finished the second half with ease. The attention span is fairly longer than when I started this blog. It’s only a matter of time until I get out of the situation I’ve gotten myself into; with my medication cut back and actively finding ways to ease myself away from the medication, I feel I can do it and really turn out to have a pretty damn good life when I start living it.

Staying positive…at all cost.


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