Need my teamplay…or I get Fragged Brain…

Allusive sleep, I’m starting to think I’m an insomniac. That or I have Fragged Brain, something I coined to define that level of video game addiction where you only worry about one thing and only think about that one thing. I played a bit of Battlefield 3 this weekend, it’s starting to be less and less fun with this new premium content. NO fun to the point where I’m just unlocking the remaining stuff I haven’t unlocked and just playing to kill an hour that I have. My demeanour in game seems o change after awhile from the “here’s your ammo”, sensor dropping, life saving kind of guy to the “how can I get more kills without dying” kind of fragger. Most part, I blame the variety and money-gating game. You shell out for the DLC’s, bound to have the new stuff better than the old stuff. Hell it happened when Back to Karkand came out, same with Close Quarters; no doubt Armour Kill will have the same problems. So now I’m on the border of waiting for the hardcopy of these DLC’s to come out or jumping ship. The question is where to jump to?

One thing I always wanted, a very damn good co-op shooter. Of course most games shrug it and give you zombie mode, but zombies don’t fight back; they just gnaw on you until the whole team goes. I want something where the AI can fight almost as good as any player, maps are non-linear and provides the player with a “play as a team or die as a team” mentality. Of course, those DIY-er are going “well if you don’t like it, make your own.” Well, I could if I had someone to teach some stuff about the UDK and maybe had the balls to start a Kickstarter to cover some legal cost. Maybe even hop on board as a writer, but I doubt they really need story writers more than programmers. So I’m stuck at an impasse, play what’s available or get a job and make something available on the side. Going with half the latter since I need a job and I got jack none experience in terms of video game design. So for now, Star Trek Online is enough co-op for me unless something better pops up.

But of course, always something is popping up. I’m talking about Planetside 2! I never played the first one since it required a payment. Hearing all the buzz about how the second one is coming out as free-to-play, I wanted to know a bit more. For those who haven’t lived long enough to know the franchise or been actually living lives (oh, how I envy you), here’s my research. Planetside is a sci-fi squad-based MMOFPS with small bits of RTS elements. You choose to join one of three factions with various classes. Rather than the conventional lobby or server based FPS, it’s an entire open world to control where one battle leads to another which leads to another. Due to this, a persistent map of your faction fighting everyone else; one night you log off at point D, next time you get in point D is taken over by some other folks. Another difference is the battle space. Rather than your typical 32 v 32 player conventional fights, Planetside seems to have a one massive server like an MMO; meaning battles are waged on 50-60 on each team and it could be an even fight or it could be a server wide beatdown in just a small space. It’s still PvP but from what I hear about Planetside 2, it will try and maintain a free-to-play style with a micro-transaction for cosmetic features. Meaning yes to a cash shop but it will be for stuff you wouldn’t really need and just stuff you would want to pimp out your game. I’m convinced since I do want that large massive battle. I’m a borderline PvP kind of person, I like it if it’s an FPS. I still want my holy grail of a F2P co-op FPS. So I set out to get a beta key for PS2; I didn’t know there was a giveaway of keys awhile back, so I lucked out. So now I’m either waiting for them to open up for stress testing the closed beta, or the open beta, or the release. Aside from that, nothing much on my end except to sit and wait for the open beta. Well I have stuff to do, so the sitting part is only when I can’t sleep…like now.

To the Star Trek Online front, I’m changing up how I’m using my refined dilithium. Before I use to put everything right into credits since I wanted everything. I think I’m going to step back a bit and save a little to get rid of my rare officers for very rare. The NPC assignment requires 5 rare and 500 refined dilithium to get one, so I figured if the price of credits is about 155 (last checked it’s 157/156) then I can sell in a batch for 50 and remainder would be about 150. So save that 150 until I have 500 and just convert. Of course if I see anyone willing to trade, I’ll trade; but aside from player to player, it’s either let the NPC empty out my DOFF’s or have to wait for players to do it for me. Currently I’m at max capacity at 100 unless I start chipping into adding more slots which at the moment is illogical since I have a certain DS9 bundle I’ve been eyeing on. I’m almost to the halfway point, give it about a 3-4 weeks and I’ll get it. After the bundle, maybe I should invest some time getting the slot upgrades for DOFF’s; then ship slots, maybe after that the costume slots. Grinding away some time, one purchase at a time.


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