One more to mothball, one well tested farmer, one in progress

Today marks the day where I finally conclude putting my Tactical Escort Retrofit through everything and making the final modifications before I set it and forget it. After testing it against every Sector space event I can farm, here’s a few things I learned. For those just getting in or you forgot, here’s the post. In short:

  • She’s fast and agile (3 Mk XI Rare RCS Accelerators + Deuterium Surplus + Evasive Maneuvers skill)
  • An antiproton beast (4 Mk XII Borg Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons + 3 Antiproton Turrets + ~50% Damage Bonus from Mag Regulators)
  • She can cloak (Increases damage for 5 seconds right after cloaking)

I’ve set my bridge officers to play up the cannons with Scatter Volley and Rapid Fire abilities. Which in quick burst, I have the ability to take down Klingon Bird Of Prey in Sirius Sector Block in about 2 seconds. With two Tactical Team skills, I can alternate between both to help transfer shields and provide a small damage increase. So far gathering random batteries and lower tier consoles for some energy credits.

But straight into dilithium farming, my dilithium farm run everywhere is very easy. About under an hour to complete the Deferi dailies. The Breen seems to be somewhat resistant but I can rush a cruiser and down it. With those frigates, the tractor beams are harsh. Likely I do have abilities to recover shields, however just taking the beams is sometimes annoying since they sometimes fire each beam one at a time. Luckily those turrets slowly peck them down; but with just the turrets, it’s a long process so I’ve been working on my long game to make hit and runs on the frigates.

The almighty Borg, they’re big and square. In Red Alert, this tiny ship is a damage dealer. Going slow, it can drop the Spheres. Though after taking it down, the rest of them will come down hard. In a group, it doesn’t have enough kick to bring much aggro but enough damage to really slam that health bar down. Cubes and the Unimatrix ships are pretty difficult in terms of solo, even solo compared to my Odyssey it does more in terms of dropping shields and health. Though for defense, it would bb the big ship that would prevail. Of course, it’s an escort…not a dreadnought.

Cardassians; AKA the True Way, AKA the Jem’Hadar. Both factions are pretty easy in terms of the Satellite Repair, refueling station defense and cargo ship escort dailies are fairly weak. I can do satellite under 10 minutes, 6 for escort. Refueling station may require a few evasives to get into position to take down the groups. In the end, you fight the commander; ignoring the fighters and photonics, the ship may need a tractor beam and a massive spam of abilities to increase damage. In the end, the whole is fairly manageable and preferably speedy is the way to go for your batteries. It doesn’t take an hour or so to get a large amount of them or at least some change to buy them.

Romulans are annoying; straight up, flat out annoying. Just because they would launch torpedoes, not like all species do it just something about Romulans and shooting torpedoes at an itty bitty ship. Anyways aside from the pummelling I got for every warbird, it’s a bit more work into getting stuff out. Ironic coming from an NPC that’s about 20 levels below (or was it 40?).

Hirogen like the Breen are easy to handle in a Tactical Escort Retrofit. With about the same abilities minus the tractor beam, but with a twist. The frigates were almost as manoeuvrable as my ship. Still easy to take them on even if I was in my Long Range Reconnaissance Retrofit or even the Refit with the Mk XI Borg STF gear and weapons. Not much to say about the Hirogen, they’re easy prey (Haha!).

Lastly the daily two fleet actions and the Mirror Universe event. The Mirror Universe event in terms on a ship on ship is quite difficult. However in a team, taking how large targets or even stomping on the frigates as the larger ships take on the cruisers. My ships comes in universally for the team, but the solo portion is a nil since it would be an 8 on 1 (well 8+fighters). Gorn Minefield’s pretty much perfect for this ship. You fly to your daily stuff cloaked, get under an asteroid and scan. Then as you scan you decloak and just get ready to get out of there as fast as you can; rinse and repeat then finish the mission. You would have to cloak to dodge the patrols. When you get to the minefield, you are done. In this tiny ship, obliteration is the only thing I experienced. Best to avoid it and deal with the ships and assist with getting rid of mines running after other ships. Lastly the Klingon Scout Force daily, you already got my two cents on the Klingons. Breaking it down to five parts; part one is the Bird Of Prey beat down. Simple answer, Scatter Volley with Tac then Rapid Fire with next Tac. Next part is the cruisers, this is an all team effort. Then the asteroid platforms, Rapid Fire and Tac Team. Battleships, Stick with the team and throw Scatter Volley as much as possible. Dreadnoughts and carriers, just stack back and focus on one target and back away when only to recover. The daily goal is like Gorn Minefield, go out and click on certain things around the map. 

For now, I have my favourite. I have to continually upgrade it to be more beastly. When I opened up my ship screen, it got me interested in spending some credits on some better consoles. So I decide to run about on the exchange for some new stuff. Looking for very rare gear at the Mk XII tier is a difficult task, either insufficient funds or supply. So I just started looking for rare items, rare as in hard to get not as game set quality. So I found a Mirror Universe Sovereign class ship up for 150, 000 credits with a closest at 300, 000. This is no regular ship, it’s one of those ships you get from the Tholian Lockbox. With the price of Master Keys, a new ship isn’t so bad for that price. I bought it and opened it, the first concern was “if I open it, would I have it permanently?” So made a Google search and still unsure if it is bound to my account if I delete. So now officially, all my ship slots are full. I need to buy ship slots which is a huge bummer. I don’t really need a shuttlecraft from the DS9 Bundle. That’s when I got the idea I should decommission the U.S.S. Pytheas, the Delta class I bought first in the Star Trek Online. Even with unloading everything on the shuttle to the Verdun (my new Sovereign ship), I’m still short on weapons and consoles. I already have something planned for it, going for the traditional phaser beam array and photon torpedo combo; maybe set up quantum torpedoes to be more “modern”. The Pytheas is a small ship that got me the Mk XII Reman Set when it was real. Now it’s on the Verdun. Snap, totally forgot; the set has a bonus on plasma stuff. Well there goes the traditional stuff, all plasma! Stilll, lots of grinding to do and many STFs to run. So now, the Pytheas is slowly being taken down bit by bit, then I’m going to discharge it. As an advantage of a credit/Zen ship, you can always get it back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same effect as buying the weapons packs or the EV suits that were added about few weeks ago.

With the low prices on credits, let’s see how much I can take advantage before the price goes passed 200. Last time I checked, 162. Tick tock…


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