Calm down you people, it’s only a gun/pot/piracy conversation…

We tend to pick up news whenever we can to know what’s going out there. But at times when you’re truly passionate, the news may seem like they’re run by monkeys in suits. Most recently are the two shootings. One in the U.S., many in the theatre and that one guy with many guns; if you want to know more, Google. The other happened just around the same time, happened here in my city.

You can Google this one too. It was a BBQ and the shooting could be gang related according to news outlets. Of course in both, many wounded and dead in both. The weird thing about this is the similarity in what the public officials want to do, gun control. In my opinion, gun control is a good thing. However and there is always a bowever, gun control when done right can benefit all or it would not really stop anything. Largely the fact these two entities just come into the light for their superman pose and a speech before walking out. Sometimes I question whether or not they really know how to solve the problems given to them. Occasionally they seem to just provide sympathy and nothing more. “Drugs are bad so we should ban drugs.” Who agrees with that statment? Keep note of the answer, I’ll come back to it.

For me, I have a few things I’m pro for though people would look at me like I’m a hoodlum or something. First I would like to say, pro guns. Under certain circumstances, a gun is a valuable tool in terms of personal defence. I would be super content if I knew a proper system was in place to keep the guns in the right hands. For one thing, a method to restrict firearms but not necessarily prohibit legal ownership. Then there is always the question of how big. My answer would be, can the weapon be fired in bursts or full auto? Reason behind this if, you are to shoot someone then there should be an understanding that a trigger pull means you wanted the weapon to discharge. Then the argument of either it was self defence or assault. Under burst and full auto, it’s utter overkill which can only mean intentional collateral damage. You should be able to keep something small as personal protect, but to leave it at that line.

It a long hot button issue spanning a good solid century. People say it’s bad for you and from what I hear, tobacco lobbyists demonize it to keep themselves in the game. Talking about pot here; weed, Mary Jane, that plant you get to get high. Of course it is a hallucinogenic, but that’s like saying voluntary sleep deprivation is hallucinogenic and we should ban consciousness. For the most part, I’ve seen people that are more calm and relaxed. Either that or they want food, either way not bad people unless they start forcing you to smole with them. Most prescription drugs are illegal unless you have a piece of paper dictating otherwise. But for the most part, I have yet to see a person high to commit crimes or go on a killing spree. All I see is the people who think it’s bad because of some stuff they learned in school and accepted it as fact without question. I don’t smoke, but I do think marijuana has medicinal properties like any other herb. Question is whether or not to make it a recreational drug like alcohol or caffeine.

Lastly and largely, free stuff and piracy. I do hate the fact people demonizing online pirates for what they are and yet the definition doesn’t necessarily fit the crime. A pirate is someone who steals to only sell back to gain their own profit. Most new outlets keep showing PirateBay and torrent sites as these places where piracy is rampant. One thing, torrents don’t necessarily mean you make money. You might gain some friends to get stuff for you, but that’s not really pirating. If CNN really wanted to cover piracy, try my local Chinatown or go to Somalia. That’s not racist, it’s the truth. Nothing is really good anymore on TV or in theatres, either remade or sensationalized to get people to watch. One in awhile something shows up which begs the question, “Should I really pay x amount of money to watch this one thing?” Price of a ticket now is 12 bucks and cable is about two to four times that amount. Isn’t the whole point in watching something is to experience something? The internet isn’t free either, you have to pay online. Difference between the price of cable and internet is the internet has a broader range of things to watch. To that effect, the only entity I see hurt are the people trying to enforce ye olde rules of copyright. But that hurt is about the same as a soccer player faking a fall for a red card. From the perspective, no one really wins except for lawyers who gain lots of money to help some crooks into putting people into the hole. For now, I can see only one alternative. For the old media like TV, books, film, newspaper; you’re a group of people and. As a company getting paid by the people, we can just as easily ruin you. But we love you for funding some good shows at times. As for the people, show a bit a respect and make sure you put down who is the legitimate owner of the property you’re sharing, it’s only one freaking sentence with at least one part that says “I don’t own this”.

I don’t know, maybe we should all lay off pointing fingers and just look at the other side for a change. If not, download some shows about guns and smoke a joint.


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