Bam…A game called Life

We had all those days when we escape in our head and wish that big wish. “I wish life was a video game.” Well buddy, easier said than done. Life would be way better to have attributes of an amazing video game. Better yet, why not all video games? This is likely everyone’s pipe dream, to become the cunning protagonist of an all time amazing plot called “Your Existence”. This video game would involve an ESRB rating of A for awesome involving nudity, violence and awesome. Whether you put it into a genre, you want [insert game features here] to become a wicked reality. But imagine how that would be like just for a moment. Right here, right now; think of all the games you played, what would you want in real life? Don’t worry, these are words…not like they’re going to leave you. I can wait…

…done? No? Okay, a few more minutes…

…done? Alright, let’s share!

We’ll take as how would a normal life would be from a perspective of a first person game. I like shooters, so FPS is a nice way to go.

So what would life be like? Well for starters, if I was born, it would be nice to customize myself. Like come on, you technically didn’t pick your avatar. Your genes literally hit that Randomize button like in Star Trek Online or The Sims. Then again your genes does do a better job than you can match certain features. To that; hats of nature, you are awesome. Though some genes suck though since they give you inherited abilities, like “Get Diseases” which is +15% Susceptibility to all Disease. Or what about “Light Drinker” which is a 50% chance of getting drunk on the first drink. Okay, the last one maybe isn’t inherited; you get my point. If anything, I would go with “Tank” for the 20% resistance and “Hindsight” for a small Perception boost. Not much a pick, but at least I’ll be visually acute with a powerful immunity to certain things. As always, we can never pick our abilities; genetics, life’s epic buzz kill. Though if by parallels, my world would be kind of like Grand Theft Auto IV. Drive cars, do whatever you want, strip club, die and respawn at a hospital. Like come on, the physics is hilarious too considering you can fall from space and hit water without dying. Even times just landing in a weird way can surprise you. Though if it was like GTA, the kicker would be a lot of drugs and random violence. Double edge sword considering you could gain money like crazy from just beating up pedestrians.

Cars are so last century though, from point A to B you have to wait or watch the world go by. Of course, would be nice if you can watch the world go around. But when you’re late for something, I want a damn Portal gun. Pop it from one place to the next. Heck, even NASA could use it. Since speed going is speed coming out, space travel would be a bit easier. Vacation? No problem, your trip is cut by half. Pay for a one way ticket and travel back via portal, then congrats you have a permanent place to take an vacation whenever you want. And for my political readers, if you wanted to govern over a city, state or country; it’s now super simple in this fantasy land. Easy to manage city fund and handle affairs; almost as easy as Simcity! Careful not to tick of the residents while you’re at it.

Spending all that time spending funds and jacking cars, don’t know about you but I would be hungry after running along the sidewalk for 6 blocks without a care in the world. I wouldn’t mind downing food in a single bite or suddenly absorbing it through my clothes and my skin. Taking from a bit of Grand Theft Auto, the clothes. Would be nice to have a preset amount of clothes rather “designer” fashion and such. Then again, I’m a guy and I don’t really need anything fancy to wear (I don’t think I need anything).  However the downside would be that the same dull pair of pants day after day and can’t really wash it in terms of in a “Grand Theft Auto meets reality” universe. Same goes with everything else I guess, but at least you can respawn back into a fresh set of the same dull outfit.

When it it comes down to DIY projects, it seems every game has the same general idea. Gather what you need, make it, enjoy. Either you wait for a timer to get it done or you would have to spend time to gather resources. No matter, it seems art imitates life when it comes to crafting albeit simplified. It’s not like I can make myself a gun out of one brick of metal or a computer out of sand, a brick of metal and plastics. It’s much more involved and labour intensive than just farming the resources and holding it in your hand and saying “make me a salad.” Large requires material items, a form of energy like heat or electricity and a whole lot of time. Even with crafting your first thing in real life, it’s not perfect; it’s way under perfect that when looking back to that very day, you could say “wow, that was indeed a crappy thing I made.” So chalk one to life for making crafting way harder, requiring experience and training, more materials than you need and some way to make those mats adhere to one another.

As you can tell in my little imaginative world, it would be partly based off a some MMO’s and RPG games with undertones of RTS. Of course, it will have it’s own problems and it’s own solution. Nothing is truly perfect, just better than it was before.


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