Freaking backpack/knapsacks are the effing the ess!

As a person living in the digital generation, I’m usually caught carrying more than my previous generation. Maybe one or two things may be different but still one or two things bulkier than a watch and a good book for walking. Of course as a man, I have reservations about dragging a purse; I would draw the line to messenger bags. The greatest accessory and a powerful one is this little carriable that we all discover when we’re kids.

Of over time as kids we had to get a bigger and bigger one to the point, we are using something to carry 4-8 textbooks and the same ratio of notebooks for high school and more in university (likely get one more for the sake of durability). No doubt freaking handy and by the time we’re done, we just toss them aside. Before you do Mr./Ms./Mrs. “Backpacks-since-4”, consider it as a versatile tool in every day life. We all had that instance to put a choice on what to carry on our person. Usually money could be a necessity so wallet. Then comes a timepiece; watch or cellphone, the phone would double up as a way to send people text messages and tweets to your followers. You have to get home and a set of keys is important, you have to carry that if you want to see your other stuff again. But what else if you could have the capacity to bring more on occasions. A deck of cards? Laptop for some wi-fi mooching? A camera for taking some nice pictures or video for your YouTube video? Sunglasses to keep that demon we call the sun out of our eyes? Bottle of water in case you don’t want to stop? (Doesn’t have to water…) A book for those “I got nothing else to do but wait” times? I can keep droning on, but I’ve hammered in my point; you need a backpack in your life.

In hot days where carrying all your junk in your pockets doesn’t seem feasible, a backpack can mitigate most of this. In this weather, I’m going to guess you would want keys and a wallet and not much. Given, and excess heat can damage or drain a phone battery faster than sugar in a hyperactive child (Also you get rid of that dreaded pocket dialing). A major upside to carrying a baggy beast on your back, you can bring back more stuff. If your bag is empty, you can fill it with goodies or not; it’s always good to have room to carry something good, ask any MMO gamer. Though in real life, you can overfill your inventory and still have good mobility; another lesson for another time. During the cooler climates, you can swap out for cargo pants; but still all that weight can bring your trousers below the belt level, I’m not talking a nice dive underneath the underwear but more like your pants are taking a deep seat adventure (Remedy: belt). At times a belt would just make it feel like your being birthed our of your pants and if you are carrying a lot, might as well bring a backpack.

The drawback to a backpack is obvious if you ever had to carry a heavy weight in the midday sun with temperatures at “sweating balls”. Your back get’s all wet and you just want to take it off. Of course you can to cool off, it’s not like you can do that with pants in public without being slapped with indecent exposure. There would be a likelihood if going around with a girl and she trusts you to put her purse into your bag, brings a different meaning to “hold my purse”; but hey, rather be in the bag than in my hands. With all that weight and sweating balls, you would sweat more for carrying more; upside is you’re human, you can cool down with said sweat (+1 Evolution). In an odd way, the backpack can be considered an upgrade to the purse; but I’m just talking like a gamer.

I still use a backpack for doing stuff unless my situation would permit me not to carry one. For the most part, it does less than the weight of the pack but pretty much prepared for some unusual circumstances. As summer heats up, I’m starting to rely on it not as a supporting function like storing my notebook, tablet and the usual items. As an oddity, I also hold a small first aid kit since I have training (albeit expired) in using the equipment in it. Trust me, might now sound useless; handy to keep ready and at an arms reach for paper cuts, scrapes, injuries the world can throw at you. Chuckle or snide all you want; when you’re bleeding and thinking “I could use a bandage before this gets infected.” Think you could’ve helped yourself by buying a small first aid kit and keeping it in your pocket, purse or backpack.

Next time when you need to carry more than your arms can hold, look back on passed experience and take it. Backpacks have been with us for most of our lifetime and even after exams and first days, they are invaluable to have around when you least expect. Consider a mobile storage solution next time you plan on going out on the town with a bigger load than you can handle.

Question for you: What’s the most unusual thing you ever carried in your arms/purse/backpack/bag? Comment below!


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