Things we could learn from Star Trek…or history making it all true?

Sometimes the politics as of lately, has been somewhat negative. Even with that one sentence in some countries, I would be shot on sight. In this day in age, I am still surprised and ashamed of that thought. With everything the last decade, you have to ask where all this is going. What is our future? What exactly will become of us as society? Scientifically, the future is unknown and infinite; all probabilities are possibilities which could theoretically be realities. However it is concerning the way things have been running, we could be heading into some of the darkest days in history. Considering how everything is turning our in recent world history.

Copyright protection, student protests, riots, revolts. It does sound like a good time for change. However every article sounds like two prized fighters in a bloody battle for glory. That is a matter of opinion; both sides have much to gain, but only one way to proceed. In many ways, we are all fighting for a cause. The sides we choose however seem to be more towards whether it jeopardizes the safety of self or others. Well that is justice, yet again that is bias. 

Time and time again, my beloved franchise displays those consequences and actions humanity has committed itself. All the bad in the world condensed in a universe of aggressive, vicious and dark intentions. The idealized society of cooperation towards a common goal of the Federation. The ongoing struggle towards tolerance and exploration is something to strive in this day in age.

Seems like there is nothing like Star Trek anymore; such a shame. The stories and revelations make it more intriguing. Curiosity and a peace seems to be the main idea of the stories told. Many which mirrors the issues we as a society has to deal then, now and in the near future. Sometimes I think the geeks will exactly inherit the Earth. With history repeating itself, that would be quite a futile task. Still animosity between the ideas and opinions, with everything new the old problems return with it. Example to the young and relevant is the copyright/piracy situation. In the digital age, piracy is simpler and more (dare I say) accessible. However the people who profit from the copyrights have been fighting for protection since the start of printing press. Could’ve started with a bickering between authors, or just one man wanting more money to increase his profit margins. Point is everything we have now is really just unfinished business.

Maybe the world could watch a series and consider opening their minds to similarities. Star Trek could save the world…you never know.


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