E3: Battlefield 3 DLC and ARMA 3–Year of 3’s Continues

So the biggest names like last year came out first swinging with the next projects coming this Fall. For those missed it here’s a short list that I’ve seen so far that may turn out (In my opinion) to be great titles of 2012:

  • Halo 4
  • Battlefield 3 DLC’s: Close Quarters, Armoured Kill and Premium
  • Crysis 3
  • Farcry 3
  • ARMA 3
  • Resident Evil 6
  • Splinter Cell Blacklist
  • Star Wars 1313
  • Last Of Us
  • Watch Dogs
  • Assassin’s Creed 3

A pretty nice group of games, pretty expensive year if you are going to try and play them all. Some would argue would be better than others, but all are doing well thus far in terms of generating hype. Name dropping does not make it an awesome game, just generates interest. Until they’re all released, I would put in my final verdict on this one. Only one exclusion to this list really doesn’t shine much, Battlefield 3.

Consider what about to say is a warning to anyone considering on buying Battlefield. It’s a great game with a huge disadvantage. Graphics are superb, server population is immense, many weapons and varieties of attachments. Aside from this, well…bear down and be ready. You have to assess the game through Origins. Even with Steam, you have to get an account on Origins then start Steam to start Origins to start Battlelog. “Wait, what is this Battlelog?” you must ask. Well, think Facebook with stat tracking minus all Facebook sharing. It’s an online service to start Battlefield, even single player you have to go through this service. I’m not even done with the problems with Battlelog. If you’re using Chrome, tab browsing this site is a no-no if you are queued in a server because at times it causes errors server side to boot you off the queue or start Battlefield but freezes it. Likely fixed with the new updates. Now to the game itself, expect change to be slow. By that I mean fixes to bugs and glitches. So servers are flooded with exploiters regardless, if there’s something wrong that can be exploited then expect servers with certain maps to have pretty long queues. With many weapons; there will be ones that dominate like mad. Currently with the release of the new Close Quarters, all the weapons in the DLC out play the base weapons. It’s slight but get all the Close Quarters players to play against the core game equivalent on fair ground, expect a dominate win against core weapons. To put in perspective; face to face in game, ACW-R vs any shotgun in CQC will defeat the shotgun even though the shotgun was designed for that situation. I even swapped in the buckshot for slug rounds and determined the same conclusion. Not sure if it’s tight groupings or the damage is slightly higher, but wait there’s more! They’ve brought in the M417; similar to the M416. Behold, I was shot by a Recon wielding this and I too went toe to toe with this guy and he popped me. I don’t expect change, though I do have a feeling if I want to keep playing. I’m going to have to grab kits of the ground to keep playing. Along with the new DLC’s, they’re adding more and more gated content. If you can dish out the cash, you can get new unlocks that begin to resemble Modern Warfare 3 from Call Of Duty. Camouflage for your weapons and yourself, dog tags and Gunmaster which is Battlefield’s version of Gun Game from Call Of Duty which will be in an upcoming DLC. Price for the whole DLC package is pretty simple, pay individually or use the Battlefield Premium service. $55 get you two weeks early access plus premium dog tags and profile background(?).

The next paid shooter I’m hounding is ARMA 3. It’s pacing and design is pretty amazing compared to other FPS games I’ve seen which makes it my “do want”. DIY missions, mod support and massive maps; and massive as in squared kilometres. Which makes missions a bit more interesting within a sandbox, interesting as in hard. A lot that Battlefield doesn’t have, I would put the 55-60 that would spend for the DLC for a full out game. While we are on full games, AC3 may be competing for the spot for what I want to buy. From the demo gameplay, seems like a lot has really changed since Revelation especially combat refinements. Looks really amazing, but it has to pass the “kill some time” test.

That’s all for now, expecting some good games for summer and fall?


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