Touchy touchy on religion–From an atheist/non-religious person

[Some opinions may be too insensitive to some readers, read at your own discretion. Also sorry if I offended you…]

Rarely do I touch my topics about religion. In it’s own right, it is difficult at times to discuss and usually fruitful to the open minded. It is not whether you choose a religion, but of a religion that best suits your own spiritual needs. However it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to subscribe to one.

Each religion has some positive and negative merits despite size and influence. At the core, Christianity is the go-to for believing in good in others. Start branching out and you start having crazy stuff like shaming homosexuality and generally intolerance to people and ideas not similar to Christianity itself. Then again, that can be said for any religion branching out after centuries of new ideas. Big example of this is Christianity itself, which branched of from Judaism. But seems as though Christianity does branch out immensely with all these subsets. I live near 5 churches within a 2 block radius, all different sects. Religion is also in belief of philosophy and not of a deity at all or loosely connected to them. Hinduism for one thing focuses on a cycle of rebirth. Good now, bad next, good after that. pretty much laying down in simplest of terms. Hinduism went off too and brought us ideologies, seen in Buddhism and Eastern folk religions like Confucianism. All believing in good onto others, honour and social order. I’m not attuned to religious beliefs but from the observable, this is what I know; a pretty short description, but none the less concise enough to be curious about it.

From afar, all do retain great merits for a positive society. Order, justice, cooperation, kindness and so forth; however seems on the outside they all have some method of indoctrination or subscription to them. Kind of a turn off if it is an interest is to really put effort for something you’re only really curious about. Example being I’m not going to church every Sunday to learn about Christianity or meditate in a temple to learn Buddhism.

Aside from sheer laziness, I choose to be non-religious. But not close minded to the point where I reject people’s beliefs, I quite like people who prefer something or nothing in terms of a religion. Makes me want to asks questions as an outsider about it. For the most part, I do keep an open mind about the whole matter. However I do draw the line at where you are telling me as a sales pitch.

Though some would be straight up and say or think “Non-religious? Then you don’t believe in (insert name of deity here)” Quite untrue, I do believe but it’s quite different. In terms of an entity or being, I don’t believe in  that. “God” is quite simply our word to approach something impalpable but intrinsic, like emotions like “happy” or “sad”. In that sense, “god” could be a state of being like an emotion. We can define emotions as good and bad; in Christianity, God is defined an entity can be vengeful (the bad) or merciful (the good). With most deity-based religions, they also are responsible for kindness and retribution. Realistically, we are in charge of these values to be kind and just to one another. That is the approximate core values in humanism, there is no “god” but the “gods” we create. We ourselves are the good, the bad, the right, the wrong. So cut the middleman and say “God” is us, humanity.

I remember one time someone asked me if I had to pick one which one I would become; I would create a mix of everything. First to establish there is no deity, entity or place to worship. The only obligation is do the right thing for the good of everyone. Following the ideas of impartial fair justice and tolerance regardless of differences. Treat all how you want to be treated, can’t cry unfair if you want the same unfair treatment to others. Not much towards that effect. Just being plain human upholding those important values.


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