My gamer logic…

We all have our own way of playing games. Causality proceeding effects determine our response. The “who loots first” scenario is a prime example of everyone selfish logic. For this blog post, it isn’t about what I see, but more of the observable self. By comparison, I have oddest observed. Seems like my play is very uncommon in FPS games.

In FPS, passively I am the support/defender. I am usually in a semi safe place around the back dropping revives, ammo, or heals. I don’t always stay behind, but when I am not it is usually to help out a weak point or supply a hard point like a sniper nest or spawn area. But less sentences, more list:
-Run to where I go, drop supplies.
-Guy is my human shield, here’s a medkit.
-Medkit > Explosives
-Last man standing, hold them off until the team arrive. No respawns, then kill all.
-You die in no man’s land, just respawn. Die next to me, revive human shield for me.
-See a group, shoot one guy and run to closest cover or friendly.
-It is not spam, area denial!
-Defense > offense
-Last man with more than one direction where enemies may come from, drop claymores and ditch.
-Not a kill steal if I get savior.
-Drop down anything that can get kills without you looking.
-Small group rushing: “Come help rush!” Me: “nope.avi”
-War is about surviving, not accuracy or kill count.

Other games, I follow some of these rules and wherever “greed is good” is a good policy when looting occurs. Exclusion to this is easily obtainable like lockboxes or game items requiring premium cash shop items like lockboxes.

Care to share what you do in games?

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