Circumstance is a curse indeed…

Okay, not much to update. I have been back onto working on some private projects to improve my situation a bit. However this may become difficult once again since the gamer in me want to play video games. I know I am not the face of kicking addictions, but I’m trying. Every day is just a bit less until I can be independent. Aside from that, these games are really kicking my butt in terms of time killed. Like I literally slept through a whole day and I have to do thing in about a few hours. Aside from updating my blog, I still have to keep to appointments. Having things electonic doesn’t help when my computer is built as a outlet for gaming. Nice and all to have thing automated, but I really have trouble with my computer. So thus why my blog posts all originate from my Playbook, errors and all.

For my desktop, I am slowly repurposing the whole rig. For one thing, I need to think of it as reference material. Something I can use for information. I have to do this often as a reminder. Sure I will play games, but I want to spend less time sitting in Battlefield 3 and more on TED or Wikipedia (you get what I am trying to say.) I just have to find enough content to keep me busy.

For myself, spring is here. This means sunny days, means warm weather, means good time to exercise. I have everything set, running gear is set and ready. Now just have to wait for the temperature to get around 15 Celsius with sun or partial clouds; overcast is good if there isn’t a chance to rain. Have to partake in some PT before my mind convinces me otherwise. Still a me versus self versus time deathmatch, legit one life stuff here.

Though recently I’ve been pondering on my old post about the energy currency infrastructure idea. More I consider it, seems more plausible to work in society. Though if history says anything about replacing old systems, it isn’t going to be easy. One thing is the capitalism institution, it is huge and older than all of us. To replace money for energy may be hard because of it. Then the counterpoint would be we need energy, be it thermal or electric. Society has a large need for power and the whole enviro-thinking boosted sales and development of solar and wind. Some even report selling surplus energy back. Money figuratively is just a thing we use to trade for things we need making it more stable than bartering. Long story short, this idea has to be snuffed onto a post sometime soon; mental noted. I would have gotten down but…well, video games.

Well, time for the sleep I should’ve gotten tonight now. From five in the morning, good morning world and sweet dreams.

Posted from WordPress via Blackberry Playbook. Yeah, I’m too lazy to touch my computer…


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