A gamer’s love for death and doom

Not to put anyone down, but endgame goals are what games worth plahing. Mostly it involves killing and death of sorts. The end, that’s my blog post for the week. Mad? Okay, long version.

I just watched this week’s SourceFed, I think safe to say it is every gamer’s dream of the end of days to involve the undead shambling down the street. It is literally the best dream out there. Even if you’re not a gamer, wouldn’t you want an excuse to shoot that guy who turns up his radio too loud in the car in the middle of the night? Not sure if you have that problem, but I do and I would not even hesitate to dispatch this fiend; wouldn’t even care about overkill. May sound kind of serial killer-ish, but in a way I want a legitimate reason to rid the world of people with useless power and those just taking our air. A zombie apocalyspe would be the most easier answer to it. In a way, it would solve much of our problems. Sure it may open new wounds, but I do think the ends justify the mean.

Major big argument would a population control. This little zombie scenario would solve climate change since it would be less consumption. Depend how many succumb, we would do the Earth a big favour. With less people, we wouldn’t need all the food laying about. Current sustainable analog for food consumption is about one and a half earths to keep the human population fed. A viral culling wouldn’t be so bad to relieve the stress we are doing to nature with our farmlands. I doubt we can colonize space or even ready to step towards it, so consider it a few steps back before the next step forward in name of progress.

Aside the grewsome realization and implication of a species extinction event, there is some optimism for anyone still alive to rebuild. One thing I would expect is fragile materials would be essentially obliterated, leaving only anything heavy to remain. That rules out most electronic equipment from our digital age and moving back towards pre-Renaissance. Which may seem for some a barbaric lifestyle to live without luxury, but it brings back meaning to art and architecture. We would recover by our own ingenuity rather than sets of standards and norms. Building technology and structures that would be much different than its predecessors. This would be a grand games of telephone; to remember and duplicate in time. It is hard to grasp how we could change society when we live it, especially drastically. But imagine how those few would really see the world. If it was zombies, they may preceive to take more medical precautions. If nuke, maybe focus towards preventing the same devastation again. Maybe new governments to take the good of democracy and incorporate more liability and infrastructure than financially backing specific groups. Probably spark a greener movement in self sustainability through living and cyclic consumerism. Everything we could really want for a better society is could take shape in those trying times.

Many good things can come from an apocalypse, yet the apocalypse is the culmination of all out wrong doing.

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