Talking points on cloud computer – the best worst idea

Of course, it isn’t a new topic.  Cloud computing has been around since the early 2000’s and has many uses for it. Only recently we seen games to venture into this congregation. Now currently saving our game states and customization options to small tasks now just require a small installation and an internet. The internet, the infrastructure that connects us through fibre optics and data; while the digital generation progresses, most innovations would be to safe guard the cyber superhighway from malevolent forces in meatspace.

At one point, we all had the experience of cloud computer where one account kept all those powerpoint presentations and contact lists together in a server to queue up for you. Impressive now office suites has almost lost footing to contenders offering the same service as this product, there are a few flaws that would never come accross until we really come across that scenario. Though megasystems keep all our data so we can travel and reconnect to later is convenient, we have to keep in mind one digital saying; “what is on the internet, stay on the internet.” To this; your information of others, your research projects, and pictures of your cat even deleted; would likely turn up somewhere else. Not relating to this subject, it is a mere example. Though it is handy to provide services, it is critical to encrypt all data to prevent hackers from obtaining credit card information from site that would offer a services via the cloud. Of course the old school phish scams are still around but a bit more sophisticated with cloud computing. One small move can cause the list of friends to be given a scam in the spam.

The upside to the situation are small services to provide you with a place to keep and share files with coworkers and friends. In certain cases this helps a lot especially if the service has a free model. Just register an account and begin sharing or moving important files. There are times when it is necessary to keep files online and some offline. However our world infrstructure is still transitioning to make cloud computing viable. When days when you can recall a powerpoint out of the cloud and ditch the corrupt copy on your PC becomes the norm, we could see a lot more things to be sent to the cloud. Those days are coming soon, very soon. The days of “dog ate my homework” are fleeting. Though storage is a good idea, some things on the other hand only work well on paper. Interactive streaming services where the user has access to a service which streams information constant back and forth. This is more daunting if bandwidth is limited. Though commendable for and idea like playing the latest game titles over the net, compensating for lag and the likely poor graphics quality could be the deal breaker as a gamer. Also cloud computing is running out of places to adapt to, though commercial uses are out now, more competitors are set to clash and likely the bottleneck would get tighter.

Some services would be irreplaceable like digital download clouds and office suites. In fact likely most of us due to our frugal nature would likely have depended on clouds to help get things done. Game publishers are on board either relying on current services or constructing their own. The digital age is a quick change to how services provided. Guaranteed it has changed how we watch videos, store data, and share computing power. In time, it will fizzle out; but leaving a lasting impression for lightweight computing.

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