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Awhile ago, I began writing a small speech for a special occasion. Mashing together something poetic at the seemed a great approach. Hindsight, it not the greatest idea for a speech. I don’t know where I got it but I’m glad I didn’t do it; for one thing it’s a speech, not a beatnik poetry reading. So scrapping the structure of similes, I went tradtional Surprisingly under a week, I did it after months of trying. It turned out to be very moving and personal without details. I hope the audience I will be presenting to will be moved and maybe motivated to see things from my point of view.

It was daunting for who has a odd sense of humour. Mostly dark, but getting past it was the real challenge. Sure I can sit here and be a word tease, and I am. This is more than a speech, but its a gift to the newlywed when they hear it. So disclosing it over the internet is likely a bad way of keeping it confidential. For now, it’s somewhere safe and sound for me to practice. Though I think some people are getting close to over looking my shoulder, or I can be paranoid; never really great at keeping secrets. Hopefully I get to tell it to the fifty or so spectators before my wonderful readers get a can to be enlightened by this small speech.

Well five months or so until then. Yeah I am really going to be a tease about this. But to be nice, I’ll have another post up for you guys and gals to think about.


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