Blackberry 2.0–Why I really give a damn…

Woop woop! Considering the great wronging cast upon me by those little red devils from Future Shop, this tops the things under “vengeance”. I’m pretty much getting more bang for my bucks. With this new operating system or what they say is an update, there’s a lot changed; though it’s the basics.

New and old alike, let me humour you what’s “new” in OS 2. First off, some noticeable changes to access. Ever since I got mine, I downloaded AIR Browser off the App World store. Now, I can delete and use the native file manager. Also some other trialware (…just great), surprisingly not so much. More convenience-ware, like a native email client which is a relief since it was a bother with technical glitches on the Gmail app. With the ability to sync up with email addresses, you can sync contacts and calendars to this little 7 inch. The one disappointment upon first inspection and crack at it, Android App Player. Where the f*** is this thing? The boy n’ babes at Blackberry totally feature this on YouTube and even a small preview of it. Kind of cheesed; but the load of ported apps in App World seems to tell a different tale. Either, it’s hardcoded in there or there’s actual legit WordPress app staring at my face.

Not much has really change from the user’s perspective. You have a bar now to keep 6 apps close to you when you need them. Instead of categorizing your 3 tabs, you can drag drop apps into those tabs. Kind of difficult for me, damn my non-stylus-like fingers. Ability to create folders, great for those who like to organize their apps (I’m looking at you too, OCD…) New services like Print To Go, Accessory and Music Stores; just so they let you know they’re trying to go for the average tech-oholic demographic.

So far, no bugs or glitches, though the user interface is really sensitive. Meaning, aim is more important than speed when it comes to moving around tabs and keyboards. An inconvenience is in some screens or screen states, the new keyboard doesn’t show up and reverts to the old 1.0 QWERTY board. Not so annoying since after navigating around the old one, I find the new one to be annoying (“Where’s my hyphen bu- oh wait…nevermind.”) The File Manager native app is lacking compared to AIR Browser, but it’s tolerable if you’re not one for having duplicate software.

Winning features out of this deal as a consumer would be the fundamental software like email/social media client, file management and calendar. Pretty much everyone in the world has to talk, housekeep and plan. Runner up features that don’t really make sense in a grand scheme is having the ability to have more tabs versus making folders. The PressReader app it comes with probably not the best idea considering most periodicals now are electronic. I know a few that are free and would let you download editions for nothing; better yet, can view it without downloads. Why would you pay for pixels? Rounding out from all this, I would have to say this vapourware known as “Android App Player”. I can’t find it in App World, the one thing I looked forward too is ruined. Also no native video chat service that goes Playbook to [insert device name here], I want to use Google voice and their chat services. I still can’t which is a bummer.

I felt remorse once, then I took an update to my Playbook (bad pun, no?).

If you guys got some recommended Playbook apps, questions or feedback; feel free to leave a comment, I’ll get back to you. Until next time, happy blogging!


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