STO Featured Episode–”Double spoiler alert…what does it mean?” [Spoiler Alert]


So this week following last week’s episode “Second Wave” comes a new social zone for the game. In “Of Bajor”, you can now access a very conflicted area where Starfleet and KDF have set up shop for the time being to reorganize for a counter-attack on DS9. You are now tasked to help recuperate the fleet and if necessary, prevent conflict within this Bajoran community.

Biggest content observation; Bajor. I like person like the architecture. For gameplay however is very limited. Access to some systems are sparse; only mail, exchange, and bank. Though there are lots of food vendors everywhere, maybe trying to monopolize this little incident. Along with this map is the new mission obviously. It contains a bunch of tasks including class specific objectives. The NPC’s are located mostly around the Federation/Starfleet temporary offices. Also new in my eyes are some added effects like ripples in the water and a wet effect when you jump in. Aside the heavy use of cutscenes for this season, some small addition have been added in for a bit of touch. The subspace station randomizes frequencies so you would have to search for yourself rather than having to jump through big hoops for small things. Use of NPC’s as an objective is a nice touch considering they get injured so you do have to care for them and watch out for them, you can always heal them so they can keep on walking. Also the only social zone outside faction held territory to allow PvE combat which is an optional since you can reach a resolution diplomatically or go old school on some Klingons. One experience I enjoyed was interacting with the Orb, it was a short cutscene but a critical one to the story where the pieces start falling into place. This time around, no bugs or anomalies like the conference room where you stand on the chair in the cutscene and that one where the Commander is nowhere to be seen in the scene, quite literally I might add. Hopefully a big thing for me is a firefight right on the Defiant since I want check out the new interior. At the end of this week’s mission, you get a Shroud thing (mind telling me what this is?) and Jem’Hadar set part deux. With it comes with the first ability if you already have the rifle from Second Wave. Now, this is where I start hating the game.

Now I’m stuck on an impasse considering I use the MACO set to get the job done and then Jem rifle as a second primary. That’s how I get through some Special Task Force instances. I have the set to get the integrated modulator but also the capacitor skill when I’m doing Khitomer Accord instances. So likely, I’ll pass off this set to my Borg bridge officer. Maybe leave me a comment on what the heck the Shroud skill and item do? Probably might affect how I will equip stuff.

There weren’t much problems this time around, pardon my sarcasm. First thing I noticed was a simple spelling mistake. There’s an NPC named Hadron, someone at Cryptic is really rebellious with “Hadran”. That, I can let go. For some unknown reason, next week’s mission is now leaked. Yup, I’m talking you can playing legit as of this post. You can’t turn it in but you can play it through for the accolades, Mr./Mrs. Perfectionist. And to spoil it some more, this sentence has the story about the mission. Scroll if you dare.

Nice work Cryptic, consistency is not your specialty it seems.


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