Sentenced to the dilithium mines? No problem…I can bail you out!

Any Voyager fans would remember “Year Of Hell”. You know, that evil dude and that time machine trying to save his wife but in the end just kept killing everyone with his time machine ship? Aside from spoiling it for all those kids who were born after the show, how about “Judgement” from Star Trek: Enterprise? You know, Archer goes to Qo’Nos and a tribunal found him guilty for a crime (well what we would consider a crime) and he goes to that infamous penal colony and dilithium mine, Rura Penthe? Whoops, spoiled again; but while players are swimming into Star Trek Online, I noticed a lot of complaints popping up on how “hard” it is to get dilithium in-game. I find that notion both rubbish and ridiculously hilarious.

First off, the game has a few discontinued missions you can play. Some aren’t listed now, but apparently they were part of a grand scheme of things. They were, when the dilithium system came in place, updated to include dilithium rewards which come in handy for those who want to play the game for a few hours and log off. The limit provide for players is pretty simple to do considering the complexity and repetitiveness of these little distractions. Some people however want the fast and simplest way; which in some cases, the dilithium mine of Starfleet Academy/Klingon Academy. Though as traditional this thinking is, it is highly expedient if the player manages to be very efficient and heartless. I myself tried the Academy way and it’s really mundane and redundant. Also usually disappointing, though the reward is much higher. Within an hour you can earn up to over half the maximum amount (currently 8000 is the max limit per day), that’s not bad if you withstand people around you trying their best to do the same which can result in a lost of some dilithium.

There is the alternative in doing your episodes. At certain points once you’ve completed your missions in every series, you get a bunch of daily missions. Mostly in the same sector blocks as where they were unlocked from due to them being race oriented. But if you calculate all the missions, they get you a very nice surplus per day unless you are spending some into crafting or items. Lets take a look, shall we?

480 unrefined dilithium for each mission (Based on

  • Rescue Deferi captives (Breen series, Deferi Sector Block)
  • History 102 (FED)/Learning the Lore(KDF)
  • Emancipation (Deferi Sector Block)
  • Satellite Repair
  • Sh’mar – Distress Signal
  • Defense Contract

Total of 2880.

1440 unrefined dilithium for each mission:

  • Chart the B’tran Cluster (This is a Vice Admiral daily)
  • Explore Strange New Worlds (Best to do this with the one above)
  • Aiding the Deferi
  • Salvage Dispute (only if you collect and keep the computer core fragments from “Defense Contract”, requires 10)

Total of an absolute 4320. 5760, if you can do the Salvage Dispute repeatable.

Without Salvage, you can see you only get 7200. We’re close, but wait! There’s more! If you need Data Chips for your Borg item sets, you get 480 per every completed run. Do it twice and you get the nice 8000 you need plus a bit for tomorrow. Of course, rinse and repeat and you get a surplus of a day’s worth and so on until you have enough to skip a day.

In terms of “just doing it” and “just doing it…with more emotion”, this method lets you kill a lot of time from the day so rather than just being all like “this is taking so long, goddamnit this grind is insane”; it’s more now “oh hey, saved 20 minutes…more time watching YouTube and other stuff!”

So next time someone says “dilithium is a chore” or “getting dilithium is boring”, think of the few people who know this very fact you can do it in a fun and diverse way rather conforming to the usual quickie cash grab everyone seems so desperate in an MMO. In any game, mining and farming isn’t so bad; the reward is not without it’s challenge.


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