Wroodling and an accomplishment I’m partially ashamed of receiving

As per starting my hardcore poetry, I’ve started on a right path. Beginning with some lyrics to get the mind going, I’ve managed to put down something positive rather than some dark and depression complimenting my situation. Though unfortunately turning into something really sad than upbeat, I think I may need some personal information for inspiration. Unless, the listeners would want a poem of a union of two souls that turns into a journey into the abyss of loneliness to forever to find a companion. Yeah, not wedding material; if anything, that’s how I will be uninvited to social gatherings for the rest of my life and maybe a visit from a psychologist. Though the psychologist visit would be pretty helpful.

Like a painter, I started with a doodle in hopes of receiving ideas that may turn into very big and meaningful piece. I did manage to get two pages of lyrics in, though it turns from a “musical” free verse to a soul crushing song. Like here’s a sample:

Quarter way into the poem…

In this symphony of wedlock,

Within the concert of humanity,

Under the pendulum’s tock,

A song of love play harmoniously.

Then on the last quarter…

Imperfection could send it all to ruin,

To only seek another note,

None so lucky to love again,

But love to be so lucky.

It kind of struck me as a “what on earth am I writing?” feel and it didn’t seem as great coming out. Maybe if I draw from that personal information that might help. Guess an interview should be appointed some time in the near future.

On the game front, I did manage to max level my character in Star Trek Online. Yeah, level 50 seems awfully quick when you play other MMORPG’s  where it takes ages to get to 50. Well aside from the story content completion, 50 was quick when you know what’re you’re doing in there. Aside from being 25% complete in the story, a lot of content has opened up to me I’ve been really exploring. Crafting is the obvious, though the ground and space co-op is pretty fun especially if you want weapons to fight the Borg with. I’ve picked out a melee/sniper rifle combination which works well along with some high level gear. One big think through the looking glass is the Tribble breeding. Since some of the items have to be found from loot drops to feed to this fur balls to make another, it might be kind of difficult to get the tribble I want. Currently I’ve started with the basic heals and bonus damage, but I want the last one with the high resistance or damage bonuses requiring some rare food items. Though the exchange in game is pretty abundant, I think the prices are very inflated. No matter, I’ll try my best in getting there with or without the exchange. Now with my trial expired, there seems to be more free-to-play players around making dilithium somewhat difficult to gather. One large source is the Starfleet Academy bi-daily event. Usually give’s me around 4000 to 5000 dilithium. Now with players all over the place, it’s slim pickings. Hopefully they will implement something involving the ship rather than just having 3 decks filled with NPC’s roaming about. I would like stuff to do on the ship, doesn’t feel right the only place I go is the place I have not use of. I’m not a forward kind of person when it comes to speaking up with game problems, but I’m really considering jumping on the forums and giving them a suggestion about it.

Looks like February is going to be a rough one.


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